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Why I Like Saint Francois So Much

Why I Like Saint Francois So Much
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In the last couple of months I have been going to the blissful picturesque city of Saint Francois more often then I can count. It’s not that I live close by or that its on my way home or anything. It’s just that I can’t help feeling so relaxed and away from it all when i’m on this side of the island. Out of all the unique beach spots that I can go to, I always end up going to Saint Francois because there is so much more to do then just laying down on the sand or swimming. Although the most beautiful beaches on the island are located here, I usually come to do a wild and crazy activity and do something that I haven’t done before.

What To Do

Saint Francois has a lot of different things to do starting from it’s very big marina with it’s many restaurants and different activities that are located on the pier. One of my favorite tour operators that I like to check out is Authentic Excursions because I know that they always have the best new deals on different tours available at the moment. They have a stand that is located in between 2 restaurants and they have a full list of activities to choose from. Another activity that I really enjoyed doing is Noa Diving on the other side of the pier. They have cool dive tours around the lagoon of Saint Francois and go out every afternoon snorkeling and diving with kids and adults. It’s really fun to do.

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Where To Go

I know what your going to say after hearing about all the different things to do in Saint Francois. Your going to want to know where can you stay that will be close by to this great area full of things to do. There is a magnificent villa located on a isolated beach in a beautiful paradise neighborhood of Saint Francois. The villa Blue Lagoon is one of the best villas in Guadeloupe and has and outstanding 5 star rating on airbnb and booking.com. This villa is perfect for a family of 6 to 7 people and anyone looking for a quality home for there vacation in Guadeloupe. Also located not to far from Saint Francois is the villa Terrathely that has a 5 star accommodation fully equipped for 2 to 3 people. This superb vacation villa is located only minutes away from the center of Saint Francois and other famous hot spots of Guadeloupe

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Whats Best

One of the latest and most exciting activities that I have done and even offered as a gift to someone is a aerial flight tour of the island. I went to the aerodrome of Saint Francois and stopped by ULM Caraibes and decided to go for a tour of the island and take some really cool aerial footage. After coming back I said to my self that would be the next gift that I would offer to someone for there birthday or something. You can choose from a gyro plane, or helicopter and prices start a 50 euros so its really cheap for a lifetime experience and a really cool out of the ordinary gift. You can find other aerial activities in this area like sky diving, parachuting, and kite surfing.

The more you come to Saint Francois the more you start to find different and more exiting things to do. Its like after finishing one activity you just want to automatically move on to the next one and keep going on different excursions. That is the best part of living and of course visiting Guadeloupe is the unlimited choices of different things that can be done here. It is really after your first initiation excursion tour that you realize how easy it is to do a crazy and fun activity. The island of Guadeloupe is full of amazing and hidden spots that allow you to discover and fully enjoy yourself. There are few places in the Caribbean and even in the world that offer this much diversity in one place. 

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