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What Is Guadeloupe About ?

What Is Guadeloupe About ?
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Guadeloupe has a very beautiful and tropical climate. It has a tempered climate with an average of 85 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. It mainly has 2 seasons. The first season that starts the year off from January to August is called locally “Careme” where temperatures are a lot milder and the air is drier and less humid. Then the second season is called “Hivernage” is from August to January and the atmosphere is a lot more hot and humid. Which makes going to any of the amazing beaches ever so better when you know that the water temperature is at warm 85 degrees all year round.

The size of Guadeloupe is about 1,632 square miles with a population of about 400,000 inhabitants for 32 municipalities. There are about 5 islands that make up the archipelago with the highest point on the island at about 1400 meters above sea level with about 22,000 hectares of protected national parks. It is about 6,700 kilometers away from France.

Traditions And Festivities

There are many different traditions and festivities that go on during the year. Starting with the world-famous Carnival that is not to miss and is held like a religion in the hearts of the people. Carnival starts in January after the Epiphany and ends on Ash Wednesday which is either at the end of February or the beginning of March depending on the calendar.

 Easter is another traditional celebration that is usually associated with camping on the beaches and camping all around the island in general. The weekend is usually spent with the family with a lot of good food and fun times near the water.

Abolition of slavery is another cultural holiday that is widely celebrated throughout the island. On the 27 of May you will see that everything is closed to observe this day.

The cooking celebration happens on the closest Saturday that comes before the 10 of August. People get together to celebrate their boss, Saint Laurent.

Toussaint is from the 31st of October to November 2nd and it’s when the people of Guadeloupe pay their respect to the passed away. All the cemeteries of the island are full of family members and people who pay their respects to the dead ones.

The health system in Guadeloupe is the same as in France and the standards are always held at extremely high international levels. There are no vaccinations necessary to visit Guadeloupe. But, you do have to be careful about mosquito bites because they are dangerous and carry many different diseases like Zika, Chikungunya, dengue, and others. So, having mosquito repellant would be wise. Some fish are toxic for consumption so be careful when fishing and wanting to cook your catch if you don’t know the species of fish you have caught. And most importantly be careful about the sun and sun burns. This cannot be underestimated because of the extreme heat and differences in climate. You must be very well hydrated at all times and do not hesitate to wear a hat or visor.

There are emergency numbers as well like for the fire station you dial 18 and for the police you dial 17. For the ambulances in case of an accident you dial 15 and for all others you can dial 112.

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