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What Beaches To Go To In Guadeloupe?

What Beaches To Go To In Guadeloupe?
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There are many, many beaches to choose from when your on an island. But here in Guadeloupe you really have a variety of choices and there not all the same.


The fact that on one side of the island there’s a volcano La Soufriere the beaches are of black sand. Very fine black powder sand is what you will find on Guadeloupe’s Basse Terre ( Low Land) side. And a totally different contrast on the other side La Grande Terre (The Big Land) with pristine tropical beaches with fine coral sand. This side of the island is where you will find the surf spots, the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and all of the major hotels. 


La Grande Terre ( The Big Land)





About 10 minutes away from Point a Pitre you have the beach of Gosier Bourg which is really nice and full of local shops and things to do. Lots of restaurants and different activities to choose from. The tiny island just of the coast of Gosier called Ilet of Gosier is about 500 yards offshore and is just a quick swim away if your a good swimmer. Better take your snorkeling gear too! 


Saint Felix



Is a really nice long stretch of sand that curves in to the waves with a small hill in the backround that just asking to be climbed. Very relaxing spot with benches and lots of space to have a picnic and just hang out. Just over the hill there are other small private beaches that are worth seeing. Don’t be shy to go and discover a little. Rule of thumb, don’t eat the little green “Apple like” fruits in the trees because they are very poisonous and deadly






One of the best beaches to go snorkeling. If you like going in the water and spending some time looking at the marine life then this beach is your paradise. Awesome wildlife and if your lucky enough to look carefully in the rocks you might just be able to find a few lobsters to catch and eat. Really cool place


Saint Anne




Behind the hotel Club Med the beach of Caravelle is really laid back and relaxing. The 5 star resort is on prime real estate but all beaches are public domain. So the front entrance may not be an option but there is another access directly to the beach by a long pathway that is on the perimeter of the hotel. This takes to behind the hotel straight to the beach!




Very cool spot right in the middle of Saint Anne in between Gosier and Saint Francois. This beach is always full with people and at night has a rhythm of it’s own. Due to it’s location there are a lot of hotels, apartments, condos to rent along with restaurants and activities to choose from. You can really have a good time with family and friends and just have a relaxing time enjoying the best of what Guadeloupe has to offer


Bois Jolan



In between Saint Anne and Saint Francois there is a very secluded beach that stretches for miles with small little lagoons and little pockets of reefs. Follow a long dirt and stone road to a very special spot. Park your car and walk though the lush vegetation and find yourself lost on a beautiful beach in the middle of the Caribbean.There are no restaurants here, no activities to do and no other thing to do other then enjoy the moment and embrace the view.


Saint Francois

Raisin Claire



On the extreme eastern tip of the island in the city of Saint Francois you will find a nice mellow beach that’s really everything that a beautiful beach is supposed to be. Crystal clear waters and beautiful cloud free sky. In this part of the island the sky is always free of clouds and full of sun and beautiful weather. You can find everything that your looking for here like activities, restaurants, graocery stores and lots and things to rent for half or full day. A stop by the marina is a must for a full concentration of people and activities.





The city of Moule has one of the best surf spots on the island and in the Caribbean. It has a solid reputation for the quality of it’s waves and holds a world championship contest every year. It is very dangerous to go out there and swim if your not a professional of someone with very high swimming capacities. Not recommend for families and children. But if you are a good swimmer and like being tossed around by some really awesome waves then the beach of Moule is the spot for you !


La Basse Terre ( The Low Land)


Sainte Rose




My personal favorite out out he list. Not a lot of people, large expanse of space and open water. You feel all alone on this beach and the waves are really kicking here too. It may take you about 25 minutes to get here from Point a Pitre but it’s worth the drive.


Petit Bourg



One of a kind, black sand beaches. Really cool to see and to understand also because of the volcano just a few miles away all the beaches on this part of the island are black sand beaches. This makes the water less clear then on the other side of the island as well. It make look “dirty” but it’s really not. It’s filled with really find black sand ash that’s way smaller and lighter then normal sand and stays in suspension in the water. Still a very nice spot though.






This is my second most favorite beach on this list. All the way on the extreme west of the island the beach of Malendure offers a wonderful variety of different activities to choose from like kayaking, diving, snorkeling, and lots of other things. This is a highly recommended area of the island for family and people who want to do outdoor activities like hiking and water sports. There are lots of restaurants and different water activities to choose from that you won’t be able to know where to start and what to do.

Word of advice, do them all!!



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