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Tremors On The Volcano The Soufriere

Tremors On The Volcano The Soufriere
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There has been more and more tremors on the active volcano the Soufriere in Guadeloupe. Cities that are located just around the volcano like Basse Terre, Saint Claude and even Petit Bourg are feeling the effects of these small but very frequent tremors. The scientific community says that we shouldn’t be to worried about it but the inhabitants of these cities are asking more questions about their security. There has been more poisonous gas activity with sulfuric gas seeping from the cracks and fissures along the dome slope. Which in return is making it kind of impossible to go all the way to the crater now. That is why the local government has taken the precautionary measures to close the top tier of this hiking trail that climbs up the slope of the Soufriere all the way to the crater. We will provide you with more information on this but as of right now going to the crater of the Soufriere is off limits. 

A sequence of volcanic earthquakes began this Saturday in the Soufriere area but the security level remains yellow.

Since Saturday, the scientific community observatory of Guadeloupe recorded 88 earthquakes of very small magnitude (M <1). Luckily this time none of the tremors were felt by the population. A new event that is located under the dome of Soufriere more than 2.5 km deep. The observatory maintains the security  level of yellow. The probability of eruptive activity in the short term remains low. However, given the renewed seismic and gas activity recorded since February 2018, a change of behavior of the volcano has been observed such that we can not exclude an intensification of the phenomena in the future. As a result, the OVSG-IPGP is in a state of high alert.


Source of article RCI.FM | the 25/03/2019 at 15:36
By Christophe Langlois


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