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Top 5 Things To Do In Guadeloupe This Summer

Top 5 Things To Do In Guadeloupe This Summer
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Summer has arrived, although with all this heat you would think that it’s been here for a while already, and it’s time to plan out your vacation program for this summer. That’s why we have put together a small list of must do’s in Guadeloupe while your here. This will give you an overall feel for the island and let you discover the different fascinating aspects and faces of Guadeloupe. 


Kayaking has to be one of the eaisest and most fun activities to do when your visiting Guadeloupe. There are so many different places to visit that you really have a hard time deciding which one to go to and visit first. So what’s really cool about kayaking is that you can visit and discover all these different habitats and natural spots all on your own. You can go on guided tours and discover some of the most beautiful hidden places that only a local guide can show you. Or, you can adventure on your own through the mangroves and coral reef lagoons. There are many different cities and locations to choose from and natural sites that are all breathtaking. Cities like Saint Francois, Morne a l’Eau, Bouillante and Gosier are just to name a few. A few service providers that will take you to the most unbelievable spots in Guadeloupe are Caraibe Kayak, Kristal Kayak, and Ti Evasion. I highly recommend going with these prfessionals and discovering the secret places that only they know about.

Snorkel Adventure

One of the most exciting and memorable adventures that you can do on your own or in a group is snorkeling. This has to be the best way to swim and see the wonderful sea life all in one shot. You can swim and snorkel just about any where and every where on the island but some spots are better then others. From swimming with the sea turtles, dolphins and other exotic marine life there is no limit to how much you will be amazed at what lives under these warm tropical waters. One of the most exciting adventures is taking a guided snorkeling tour with a professional guide that can take you to some protected reserves and to the national park by boat and swim with a group of people and discover the best hidden places of Guadeloupe. Aquatic Adventure, Heures Saines are both located in the city of Bouillante and both have amazing tours of the Reserve Cousteau and their surroundings. They both have a boat that can take 20 to 40 people and can take you around the reserve for the most exciting adventure of the Bay and Beach of Malendure.

Aerial Tours

If your looking for thrills and chills then these excursions are for you. From flying high and feeling like a bird in the sky, aerial excursions have to be the best way to experience Guadeloupe. Personally I can’t get enough of these exciting tours because the view changes every time you go out and above the lagoons and bays. You can see seaturles, ray mantas, sting rays and so many other unbelievable sea life while gliding through the sky. ULM Caraibes is a ULM Plane rental agency that takes you over the Grande Terre by small airplane and you get to see the whole island of Guadeloupe and the Volcano the Soufriere. Vol Pendulaire is a delta plane rantal agency that takes you on a wild hand gliding tour over and above the lagoons and country side of saint Francois and it’s surroundings. You can also see all kinds of wild sea life from up there and take the most unbeievable pictures as well. If your not scared of flying like a bird then this is the adventure for you. If you are having trouble deciding what you would like to do for an adventutre then you should check out Authentic Excursions which is loctated at the marina of Saint Francois. They have an amazing full list of wild adventures to choose from that will all blow you away.


Hiking tours has to be one of the most saught after and diverse excurions to do. From rain forest hikes, plantation tours, rhum distillery tasting tours and cultural hikes Guadeoupe has just about everything for everybody. From the most experienced hikers to beginners you can take your family or just go alone on just about any hike you want. Safari Caraib, Otantik Tours, Vert Intense all have wild and crazy tours like volcano hikes to the dome of the volcano the Soufriere in Saint Claude, river and water hikes through the thick and savage forest of Petit Bourg to the wild and authentic country side where you will meet and greet some of the locals and taste authentic food from Guadeloupe. I highly recommemed going on one of these hiking tours and discover the authentic and hidden natural beauty of Guadeloupe. 


It’s not that that last to mention is the least important or that it’s the least exciting but as the expression goes, we save the best for last. Canyonning and river hiking has to be one of the best excursions to do when your visiting the island of Guadeloupe. There are two different sides to this butterfly shaped island and the eastern side is full of beautiful white sand beaches with warm tropical turquoise waters. But the western side of the island is where all the adventures are, from mountain rainforest hikes to canyon river tours as well. There are so many different places to choose from and go to that you would want to get some professional advise from experienced hikers in order to fully appreciate these areas. That’s why I suggest going with Canyon Guadeloupe or Vert Intense so they can show you the best hidden spots and secrests of these beautiful areas. You can go on a tour starting from 40 euros for a half day or spend the whole day in the rain forest and canyons for about 70 euros. Its money well worth spent because there is no better place to go canyonning in the Craribean then in Guadeloupe. Just say that travel2guadeloupe sent you and you will get the special treatment that you need to fully appreciate your excursion. 


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