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Top 5 Best Beaches In The Saints, Guadeloupe

Top 5 Best Beaches In The Saints, Guadeloupe
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It is true that one of the most valuable assets that Guadeloupe has is it’s beaches. They have to be the most ideal and most beautiful areas on the island and many people from all over the world come and enjoy there vacations on the white sands and clear waters of these beaches. But not all the best beaches are on the main land of Guadeloupe. Some are off the coast of Guadeloupe and you can find many different islands that are not to far away. We are going to be talking about the island of The Saints which is part to Guadeloupe. These are 9 small islands and have only a few thousand inhabitants year round and enjoy a calm lifestyle with a very comfortable life. One of the beaches located here was voted “Best Beach And Bay” of the year last year and the year before. We will take you to the 6 best beaches on this island and help you locate and enjoy this wonderful paradise. 


Pompierre Beach

One of the easiest beaches to get to from the center of the city of Terre de Haut. This beach is the most famous and is well indicated to get to. You are better off renting a scotter or electric buggy for getting around. They cost about 25 euros a day and are well worth it then climbing up the hills and then down, and then back up again. 



Pain De Sucre Beach

This beach is good for snorkeling and for relaxing in a really calm and peaceful bay. There are practically no waves here and your are behind some houses of people who just happen to be the luckiest in the world to be at only a few feet from paradise. Very secluded beach and awesome view.


Marigot Bay

This is where paradise hits land. This bay is dominated by the Fort Napoleon on top of the hill Morel. This place is like a post card it’s that beautiful. Its a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. 


Anse A Dos Beach

This beach is probably one of the most well preserved among populated areas because it is in such pristine conditions. The water is colorful and full of life. Very savage place that looks like it’s been left back in time. 


Grand Bay

There is and old historic monument that was constructed on the water front all the way back in 1760. There are old pottery and different artifacts from the past that are on this beach. A beautiful place with a lot of history and culture. 

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