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The Road Of The Traverse

The Road Of The Traverse
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The Road Of The Traverse


It’s called the RD23 or also called the road of Mamelles and is a very beautiful road of Guadeloupe. It is the only road crossing the island of Basse-Terre from east to west.

It connects Pointe-Noire and the coast-under-the-wind to Petit-Bourg and the agglomeration of Pointe a Pitre, Baie Mahault to Vernou.

17 km long, it crosses the massive mountainous of Basse-Terre and the national park of Guadeloupe via the Col des Mamelles. There is also the Guadeloupe Zoo, the house in the forest and the crayfish waterfall. The Traversée route was inaugurated in 1967, when it was not even possible to drive around Basse-Terre and Pointe-Noire was accessible only through the commune of Basse – Terre.



The Crayfish Waterfall

Located near the road of the two Mamelles or Traversée road at the confluence between the river crayfish and the Corossol river in Petit-Bourg the crayfish waterfall is accessible by a marked path that leads to at the waterfall A wooden observation area is located at the bottom of the trail allowing a safe observation of slipping, within the reach of hikers accompanied by their family. Picnics are allowed, as well as swimming in the natural basin carved into the stone. A descriptive plan of the route as well as the species encountered is at the beginning of the route, the latter cast in bronze contains the inscriptions in Braille for the blind.

According to sources between 200 000 and 400 000 visitors a year frequent it during the weekends and on holidays. The Crayfish Waterfall is the most frequented tourist site of Guadeloupe


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