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The Difference Is In The Diving Spots

The Difference Is In The Diving Spots
Water Activities

When it comes to deciding which outdoor activities to do when visiting Guadeloupe there is one in particular that most people don’t think about but is one of the most exciting and inspirational things to do. Most people when going on outdoor excursions usually think about doing land hikes or mountain hiking because that’s what they see in front of them and is the easiest to do. Also there is lots of unique landscapes and rugged terrain to visit in Guadeloupe. But what not a lot of people think about is the water and what is going on underneath all that warm ‘blue’ liquid. Going on diving excursions and aqua hikes while discovering what is hidden from everyone’s view is not maybe the first thing you think about when deciding on which activity to do because of the preparation it entails but is definitely an activity worth thinking about when visiting or on vacation in Guadeloupe. There are protected National Rain Forests in Guadeloupe just as mush as protected marine areas as well full of unique and specific wildlife to this area. Among the different dive centers that are in Guadeloupe you can find one that is in a very cool spot on the most coveted place on the island, the city of Saint Francois.

At Noa Dive Center in Saint Francois, Guadeloupe, you are welcomed by a friendly, enthusiastic and competent dive team full of dynamic dive masters that are willing and ready to show you a good time. ‘Dive in Good Company’ has always been the dive club’s motto. They have a wide range of extraordinary dive sites to visit from like old Ship Wreck Sites to the small island of Petite-Terre, the Nature Reserve, the Saints islands, Point of Chateaux and the Island Of The Desirade. Unforgettable dives await you in the warm, clear waters of  Guadeloupe. The dive trips consist of a two tank dives, two repetitive dives on different dives with a 45 minute surface interval during which we serve a snack on board the boat. 

Discovery dives are also organized every afternoon by NOA Diving, in the lagoon of Saint Francois from a spacious boat. These discovery dives are accessible to everyone starting from 6 years old and up, even if you do not know how to swim you are invited ! It’s a 20-minute boat ride (between 0 and 6 meters), supervised by professional diving instructors in the midst of a multitude of multicolored fishIf you want to continue your discovery underwater, before or after your dive, they leave at your disposal fins, masks and snorkels for you to snorkel around and discover your surroundings. They provide you with all the material that you will need and you will only need to bring your swimsuitFeel new sensations, discover the world of under water silence and life. Saint-Francois occupies the southeastern tip of the Grande-Terre that faces the island of the Desirade and the Petite-Terre Islands. Its beaches are protected from the currents of the Atlantic by a coral reef.

So if ever your on vacation in Guadeloupe and are looking for something to do, stop and think at what you don’t see and what are the things that you don’t do often and try something new. Vacations are made for relaxing but they are also made for discovering things that your not used to. So be and adventurous person and discover this beautiful island and go for a dive that you will never forget. 

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