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The Carbet Water Falls And Ponds

The Carbet Water Falls And Ponds
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On the east side of the majestic Volcano The Soufiriere, you can find a variety of spectacular waterfalls that have a reputation of being the most beautiful in all of the Caribbean. With a total of 3 large and over flowing waterfalls they have become the emblem of Guadeloupe. This is how Guadeloupe got it’s nickname, the island of beautiful waters, given by the native Indian american people.

The first of the three waterfalls which has a 115 meter drop, falls in to two parts. The first water fall falls into the second waterfall which has another 110 meter drop and is more widely known. This has an amazing look and feel when your standing in front of it and have the tropical lush background and the huge waterfall falling right in front of you. The third waterfall is quite modest with it’s 20 meters of height, but still is a magnificent sight to see. The first two of the three waterfalls are located inside the Guadeloupe National Park.

There are many guided tours and excursions on this part of the island. Many of the guided tours always take in to consideration the water fall visits and surrounding mountain lakes. I recommend going with Vert Intense, Otantik Tours or Safari Caraib for your volcano tours and excursions. They can also take you to a wide range of ponds and lakes that are well hidden in the tropical forest. Canyon Guadeloupe can also show you some of the most magnificent rivers and canyons if you want to go on a aquatic tour or canyon excursion. 

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Mountain Ponds

In the lush area where you find the water falls you can also find different ponds called “etangs”. These ponds have been formed by previous eruptions that have left an impression on the land in the area and later was filled up with rain water. These ponds are also filled with all types of unique wild life with lots of fresh water shrimp and small fish. Some of these ponds are left empty throughout the year but there is always an abundance of vegetation all around these areas. 

The Water Falls

At the end of the road called D4 you can find the beginning of the harsh and delicate trail called “trace” in creole that leads you to the first water fall. This trail is reserved for good walkers and hikers especially on rainy days when you have to cross over a river that can turn out to become a real rapid and become dangerous. About 20 minutes later by walking distance, you end up at the second water fall that you can observe from a platform. This is also a dangerous area because of falling rocks from above. It is a fantastic view from here where you can see both waterfalls from a distance and enjoy the natural wonders that surround you. 

Volcanic Lakes

You can get to the volcanic lakes and ponds by the parking lot on the same road as the water falls, the D4. You have a good hour walk before you get to the mountain pond which the birds are particularly fond of. This is a very lush and tropical environment full of insects and mosquitoes so always remember to protect yourself when hiking. Luckily Guadeloupe doesn’t have and venomous predators like snakes or animals. There is also a floating observation platform for observing the birds and other wildlife that enjoy and benefit from this area. From this spot is another starting point for other trails along the mountain side to other volcanic ponds and lakes like the pond Roche, Madere, As De Pic. This a a rather difficult trail reserved for experts in hiking and can be very slippery and strenuous. 

The Rivers

Not to far from the parking lot of the Carbet waterfalls you can find the river called Grosse Corde which has a swimming area and a water fall called Paradise. It’s really a must see. You can also find a hot spring near by for therapeutic purposes or just to relax. Lots of people come to this area to enjoy of the great effects of this hot spring. 





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