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The Best Trails To Visit The Volcano Soufriere

The Best Trails To Visit The Volcano Soufriere
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The Volcano Soufriere


The Soufriere, the highest point of the Lesser Antilles at 1467 m, is the most prestigious site of the Guadeloupe National Park. Its dome has no real crater, but eruptive mouths, chasms, and deep gashes. It is an active volcano of the Pelean type, of relatively recent formation (about 100 000 years), its activity manifests itself by numerous releases of vapors, fumaroles, hot springs in different points of its flanks and its dome.

At the top, spiky peaks and deep gashes give the Soufriere, in the mist that envelops it most of the time, the strange look and feeling of a lunar landscape. Since its last eruption in 1976-77, which had motivated the evacuation of more than 30,000 people, the crater of the South remains the most spectacular site of the activity of the volcano.



Its altitude is 1467 meters and is still an active volcano with fumaroles, sulphur vapors and hot springs on the flanks of the dome. With low and fragile altitude vegetation its climate is cool between 15 to 22 ° Celsius very humid with frequent rainfall and fog


Yellow Baths


There altitude is at 950 meters and is a very Nice historic site equipped with a natural pool of warm water of 26 ° Celsius made of rock where swimming is possible, but the water is not drinkable because of the presence of a sign ARS stating that your head should not be put underwater due to the presence of amybes

The parking for free is available for 15 places

Starting point of trails:

Fall of Galion about a 2.5-hour trip

Armistice to the Cistern about 4 hours

Not Roy going towards the Soufriere about a 1 hour and 15 minutes.


The Cistern


Its Altitude is at 1103 meters and is a very old crater that today is extinguished and at the bottom stagnates a small pond called Lake Flammarion.

It is also the site chosen for the installation of broadcasting antennas

Starting point of trails:

Armistice going towards Fall of Galion about 4 hours

Winding road going towards Carbet Fallsabout 4 hours AR

Very nice view point on the Basse-Terre with good weather conditions

The Savanna with Mulets

Its altitude is at 1142 meters and is a very windy site with a beautiful panoramic view in good weather conditions. There is a parking area located at the foot of the dome of the volcano with 60 seats maximum and for free of course.

Starting point of traces:

Piton Tarade is about 45 minutes to the top

Trail Carmichael going to Matouba is about 5 hours

The summit and tower of Soufrière is about 3 hours

Not Roy going towards Yellow Baths is about 1 hour and 15 minutes

The road continues for about 1 km to Crater Citerne




Take the road D11 to 5 km from Saint-Claude because it is a very nice forest road in the forest of Bains-Jaunes with one of the best-preserved wildlife on the island, but narrow and rugged with a slope greater than 10% in places.

Have a direct access to the top of the volcano by the trail of the Chemin des Dames 1 hour walk each way with a rocky course and interesting return by getting the complete view of the dome.

What you need as equipment for the visit is start with good solid sneakers or light walking shoes. No sandals, no barefoot, no heels …. Windbreaker or rainwear are a good choice too.

-By the way the former Volcano House in the Yellow Baths is now closed. 

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