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Taking The Public Transpost in Guadeloupe.

Taking The Public Transpost in Guadeloupe.
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Taking the bus is easy for the patient

It is very piratical and cost efficient to take the bus to some of your destinations while your visiting Guadeloupe. Although it doesn’t prevent you from renting a car for those really out of the way destinations, taking the bus can save you some money to go to some close places like the beach, grocery shopping or just site seeing. There are no public transport system like you can find in France or even like in Martinique with Moziac. Here in Guadeloupe the transport system is a private company called Karu’lis and the buses are nice with full air conditioning and flexible schedules. There lines are expanding and are able to take you from the airport to down-town Point a Pitre and from there you can go in any direction whether it be to Gosier, Saint Anne or Saint Francois.

  • Go to the beach
  • Go to any other city and makes stops along the way
  • Good way to do site seeing
  • Go to and from the airport
  • Very cheap and efficient
  • Air conditioned and comfortable



Enjoy your free time. Focus your energy on discovering places and going on adventures. We are here to help you save your money.


You have multiple bus stations at Point a Pitre and you can go in all directions.If you ask the bus driver he is able to inform you on his route and stops along the way. Taking the bus is a very simple way of moving around in Guadeloupe but in certain circumstances it’s well worth it. For more information visit the website of Karu’lis for their schedule and prices. To give you an idea of prices, one way ticket is 1.20 euros. There are bus cards available at the bus station for better prices on multiple tickets.





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  1. Hi, thanks for the info.
    This was a very useful article. Now i know that there is a bus that takes you from the airport to downtown Point a Pitre for 1 euro and 20 cents. Nice

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