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Take A Vacation In The Saints

Take A Vacation In The Saints
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The archipelago of The Saints has to be one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. This is a little known island of about 15 square miles of sheer rugged beauty and peacefulness. This special tiny island has a long and unique history. It is only attached to the Guadeloupe mainland administratively. It has a culture that is a little bit different. These warm hearted fishing people have been revered to be very nice and hospitable.  Guadeloupe also has one of the top 3 most beautiful beaches and bay’s in the world to swim, snorkel and dive in.

Sure enough any spot you go to when visiting and discovering the Saints is pure tropical, pristine paradise! There is also one bay that is dominated by the old naval fort of Napoleon. He rained with an iron fist when he was emperor here. This is where is one of the most magnificent views in the world is located. 


les saints guadeloupe

This small unique one of a kind Caribbean island is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. Only few know about it’s secret beauty and laid back and secluded lifestyle. One of the best advantages to this ideal location is its very small and discreet population. With its wilderness away from all of the over crowding of other known beautiful landmark vacation spots. It may be kind of difficult to find a villa on this part of the island being that these spots have been built on since a few hundred years now. These houses still have their old traditional architecture style but space is still very limited.

There are some really great hotels on the island.  However, this is still one of those exotic places where it’s so much better when you have your own private villa with pool. That way you can really enjoy the authentic local life and all of it’s great advantages. That’s why the superb villa from Vert Intense The Saints is a perfect dream vacation home located right on the bay looking at the fort Napoleon. This villa is also located on the 2nd most beautiful bay in the world. In the back round you can see the coast line of Guadeloupe and its busy population. Mean while your sitting back on the terrace or in the pool of your dream home on this paradise island. 


les saints guadeloupe

The Villa The Saints is only 200 meters walk and you are in the backyard beach called Curé.  A  beautiful white sand beach bordering a small village. The shops and restaurants are all open to visit. It is the ideal starting point to discover on foot the fantastic beaches and landscapes of Terre de Haut. The small pool of your villa and solarium allows you to cool off and enjoy your stay on this paradise island.

The fully equipped kitchen has all the necessary equipment, a dining room table with 4 chairs to enjoy the view during meals. The air-conditioned room offers a large bed of 160 cm x 200 cm (Full Size) with a mosquito net, storage and a small office area. The shower room is spacious. On the terrace is an armchair and a small two-seater sofa. A hammock completes the equipment. With all these amenities you are for sure to have one of the best vacations of all time in this one of a kind villa. 

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