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Take A Tour Of The Guadeloupe Islands

Take A Tour Of The Guadeloupe Islands
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There has got to be something about flying that almost makes everyone happy, especially when it’s a once in a life time type of event. I’m talking about going site seeing from above and using a small engine air plane or gyro copter to get a 360 panoramic view of Guadeloupe. Most people notice these kind of planes when there laying on the beach tanning and happen to look at the sky and notice a small red plane whizzing by going from one place to another with people snapping up pictures and videos along the way. This has to be one of the best ways to visit and discover the surrounding islands and get a beautiful panoramic view of the whole region. This is also the best way to see the amazing active volcano The Soufriere and the white sand beaches of Guadeloupe all at the same time.

ULM Caraibes is a plane rental agency with an outstanding number of planes for rent by the hour. Really low rates that are at around 100 euros an hour where you can go and visit The Saints, Marie Galante, The Desiraide all in the same hour. They have different circuits and tours that will take you to all the different sides of the island and show you the different contrasts from the tropical rain forest to the dry lands of Anse Bertrand. ULM Caraibes is located in the aerodrome of Saint Francois, and you will notice all of the different air planes on the runway ready to go at any time. This is probably the most sensational activity that there is to do while your in vacation in Guadeloupe. This would be the best birthday or wedding anniversary girt to give to someone to surprise them and make this event one not to forget.


By renting a plane with ULM Caraibes you will be experiencing Guadeloupe in its fullest way. Not everyone does this type of excursion and has this in mind when thinking about what to do while here. But by doing things that stand out and leaving you with a wonderful lasting impression then you will really appreciate the time that you have spent in Guadeloupe. There are not that many islands that allow you to fly around an active volcano and discover any place or spot that you want. This tour is for anyone looking to have the best time of there lives while experiencing what the island of adventure is all about. I would highly recommend checking out their website for more information and go and see their planes at the aerodrome of Saint Francois. 


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