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Swim With Sea Turtles In The Cousteau Reserve

Swim With Sea Turtles In The Cousteau Reserve
Water Activities

One of the best things I like about going to the beach in Guadeloupe is the naturalness of the sites and the fact that you can always find something else to do other then just tanning and swimming. The one thing that I like to do that is really easy and that you can do either by yourself or with someone else is kayaking. Kayaking has to be one of the best ways to discover different places that are not accessible by land and having fun at the same time. Especially knowing that Guadeloupe has some amazing and savage natural sites that are so beautiful that it’s well worth the time and effort doing. From the many different places to choose from the beach of Malendure in Bouillante is world famous for it’s protected waters and the Cousteau Reserve. This natural reserve is where you can find the most variety of marine life especially sea turtles and other specific exotic sea life. 

Caraibe Kayak is located right on the beach of Malendure in Bouillante and is one of the best rental agencies that has really wild Aquatic Adventures for discovering this part of the island. It takes about 15 minutes paddling to get to the Pigeon Islands and 15 minutes to get back. So It’s rather quick and not to tiring. Once on the islets, you will find 3 small creeks, each of them connected by small footpaths. Do not forget to take the path that leads you to the top of the island where you can admire the magnificent view. You can observe the Cousteau Reserve at 360 ° and enjoy a splendid panorama of the “Leeward Coast”. Each creek gives you access to a different bathing site to explore with full snorkel gear (3 sites in total). At the start of the activity you will benefit from a briefing on the technique of kayaking (initiation and / or improvement) provided by an instructor. Sites that they visit are :

– The Pool – Sandy, shallow place that looks like a natural pool.
– The Coral Garden – The most varied site in corals and coral reef fish.
– The Aquarium-  Where you can see more fish from the open sea, some varieties of which swim around a bench.

There are three different tours to chose from to discover the Cousteau Reserve with Caraibe Kayak. Each one is a little different from the other and each gives you the liberty of doing what best suits your needs. You can choose from :

– Rent a Kayak for 1, 2, or 3 people: Leave freely as you please and kayak all day with mask / snorkel + water bottle provided. 

– Snorkel Tours – Take a boat trip with a qualified instructor and explore the underwater wonders of the Cousteau Reserve (equipment provided)  fins / mask / tuba. 

– Raid Islands (full day adventure): Excursion of 1 hour and 15 minutes with boat (with monitor) along with a coastal visit and 2 bathing sites: The Japanese Garden and The Garden of Turtles (Snorkel gear provided). Then take a free kayak ride to the Pigeon Islands for the rest of the day.

All you have to do is choose the plan that suits you. With any one of these programs you are sure to spend great and unforgettable moments in Guadeloupe. Caraibe Kayak is one of the most experienced kayak agencies in Guadeloupe and their ideal location in Bouillante on the beach of Malendure just a few hundred feet away from the Cousteau Reserve is a perfect situation for anyone looking for a real Aquatic Adventure. 

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