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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is The New Trend In Guadeloupe

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is The New Trend In Guadeloupe
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There is a new hit craze that are hitting the warm turquoise lagoon and mangrove waters of Guadeloupe. it’s called Stand Up Paddle Boarding And it’s a new sport that is designed for everyone to enjoy. This old school way of riding the waves that originated in the pacific has hit the Caribbean islands, especially Guadeloupe. Surf is one of the highlights when coming to Guadeloupe on vacation. Everyone enjoys the beautiful weather and the warm trans-lucid waters that surround this beautiful island. Many people just lay back and enjoy the sun but the real  benefits of these beautiful and secluded areas are for the adventurous ones. One thing that you notice in the background of every horizon is someone is always doing a water sport and now a days you can see paddle boarders everywhere. 

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Guadeloupe is one of the most fun and relaxing sports to do when your looking for some fun. This sport is usually done with small groups that go around the lagoons and mangroves just gliding on the flat waters. This activity is recommended for everyone of all ages from young and old. It is not to hard to do like in surfing which is a little bit more difficult where you need a little bit more balance. Stand up paddle in Guadeloupe is really great because most of the beaches are protected by a coral reef barrier that prevents having big waves knock you off your board. What I have noticed as well is that there are a lot of women who seem to love this sport as well. 

stand up paddle board guadeloupe

Where To Go

Get Up Stand Up Paddle Board in Morne a l’Eau on the beach of babin is a great place to go gliding on the water. You can go on a mangrove tour and really enjoy this pristine and protected environment. You will see all kinds of unique life in these waters and enjoy a really relaxing time with nature. This is an area that is not heavily populated and still has it’s rugged and savage feel to it. You can really experience a Caribbean sensation and the zen attitude when paddling on these beautiful waters. This hike to the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin is accessible to everyone young and old. Get Up Stand Up Paddle Board will be happy to introduce new comers to the handling and the joys of stand-up paddle at Babin beach, a quiet haven away from busy circuits.

Once this small course is completed Get Up Stand Up Paddle Board will then take you to Macou Islet while skirting in and around the Mangrove. On the paddle board you will have a privileged view of the marine fauna easily visible thanks to the clarity of the Caribbean water. You will get to learn the 3 main roles of the mangrove. First, the nursery for the different species that live there, second, it’s a natural filter of the surrounding waters and protection against storms to start with. Stand up paddle also allows you to venture into narrow paths, inaccessible by boat, to discover the beauty of the heart of the mangrove. This hike will show you plant tunnels made of mangrove drifts.

After this visit to the heart of the mangrove Grand Cul-de-Sack Marin, you get to stop on a mini beach and have a small homemade lemonade. During this break, you can take a swim and enjoy the warm and translucent water.

After this refreshing tour you continue on a visit to the surroundings of the Macou islet. We can easily distinguish the seabed and the many species that inhabit it from fish of all kinds, rays, starfish, crabs, coral still sea cucumber and more. This stand up paddle ride is also an opportunity to observe a a multitude of bird species, including pelicans, great egrets, herons and frigates. You should really enjoy yourself when visiting Guadeloupe and try things that your not accustomed to doing. It will be well worth it. 

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