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Scenic Road Trip Through The Rain Forest

Scenic Road Trip Through The Rain Forest
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Among the many special places to visit on the lush and tropical island of Guadeloupe, there is one place that really isn’t a “place” to visit but a road to drive on that can fulfill just about all your adventurous needs.The Route de la Traversee was opened in 1967 and is still up to this day the only road that crosses over the basse terre side of the island and goes from Petit Bourg to Pointe Noire in about 35 to 40 minutes depending on traffic. This unique tropical scenic road cuts right though the mountain and rain forest at its lowest points cutting time from the long crossings of Guadeloupe. It has a major economic role as it lets people living in the cities located on the west end of the island a possibility of getting to the east end in shorter time then going all around the north or south ends of the island.

The Route de la Traversee is also call the Route de Mamelles. It gets it’s name from the two suggestive dome mountain tops that look like a pair of women’s breasts. (I’m not kidding) At least that’s what they say. The second highest altitude of this mountain range is located in Petit Bourg and is measured at 716 meters high and the highest point is located on the Mamelle Pigeon and is 768 meters high. 

route de la traversee

This very wet and savage area was once only known to the local forest dwellers and adventure hikers and was a well kept secret from the general population. That is why this unique area was closed off and protected as a National Park. These tropical forests are home to very unique and rare birds that make this lush rain forest home. Guadeloupe is a bio diversity hot spot for all kinds of special tropical life. The rivers are full of large fresh water shrimp that are about the size of your hand and fore arm sized black and white fresh water fish that hide very well against the sand and rock background. You can also find mountain crabs that are scattered just about every where. All these sea and land life are protected and fishing is strictly prohibited in these areas. 

You can find special hiking and trekking accommodations all along this long jungle road that is operated and secured by the national park rangers that keep a close eye for tidiness and the security of all the sites. All of these sites are free of access and you can enjoy nature to it’s fullest at your own pace. If your looking to explore areas that are well hidden and a little harder to get to then the usual trails then you should contact a hiking tour that for only a few dollars can take you on a wild adventure through these woods. Agencies like Vert Intense or Canyon Guadeloupe can really show you what canyoning through the jungle is really like. You can go for half or full day excursions starting from only 40 euros. It’s well worth it and gives you a first hand experience of the wild and pristine nature in Guadeloupe other then it’s world famous scenic beaches. 

Hiking Trails

Fresh Water Shrimp Waterfalls

This waterfall is not very high up but it does have a high volume of water shooting and falling from over the rocks edges forming a pool below before traveling down river. This beautiful paradise with a natural pool and scenic back drop makes it one of the top tourist spots to visit on the island of Guadeloupe. It is one of the easiest water falls to find and visit on your own with out any real effort put in to locate it.This site was built to accommodate everyone even people with walking disabilities which makes it a very fun place to go do. It has been approved the label Handicap Tourism. 

House In The Woods

Built on the side of the Route de la Traversee this unique and old house is the start of your adventures into the savage and tropical Guadeloupeen rain forest. This free excursion trail is where you become one with nature and adventure on your own through the thick wilderness of Guadeloupe. There are multiple trails throughout the woods and you basically have two choices of whether going for a quick hike though the woods or the other way where you spend a few hours trekking through the thick savage rain forest. The good part about hiking through the Guadeloupeen jungle is that there isn’t any venomous animals or insects that can kill you. Just bugs and small critters that stay in there habitat which lets you really enjoy your excursion.

route de la traversee

The Trails 

For those of you who love hiking and are a fanatic of nature there are multiple trails located not to far from the main road and close to the main trails. You can find the trail of Ruisseaux, the Quiock trail, the trail of Mamelle of Pigeon, the trail of Mamelle of Petit Bourg and the trail of Cretes. 

All of these special trails are unique in it’s beauty and its biodiversity. Guadeloupe has also one of the most pristine rain forests in the Caribbean. 

Only 20 Minutes From The City

In less then 20 minutes from downtown Pointe a Pitre you can be sitting down next to the river side of the Route de la Traversee and enjoying your weekend with friends or family. The waterfall and river locations+ have pick nick areas that are there for anyone to use for a meal and just to hang out by the water. The best pick nick areas are the one’s next to the Fresh Water Shrimp Waterfall, Corossol River, Bras David River, and Small Bras David River. There you can find benches and barbecue pits and cool places to walk around and relax. This is an awesome place if you want to get away from the heat and stay in the shade and cool water. 

I highly recommend coming here and exploring the beautiful trails and natural surroundings. If your looking for a beautiful Eco friendly housing in the woods away from it all and the vacation rentals Bannanes Vertes is for you. Check out these incredible Eco friendly housing at low prices for your next holiday season. 


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