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Rum Damoiseau

Rum Damoiseau
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A Little History On The Rum Damoiseau


The Damoiseau Distillery is located in the town of Moule in Guadeloupe (French West Indies). They produce Damoiseau agricultural rum

The agricultural estate and the corresponding industrial plant of Bellevue, located in the town of Moule in Grande-Terre, were founded in the late nineteenth century by a certain Rimbaud, a native of Martinique. Mr. Damoiseau father acquired them in April 1942 and founded the eponymous distillery.

In the course of its history, the Damoiseau Frères company has been led, in addition to cane production, to the first transformation of sugar cane and the production of agricultural distillates. Engaging in activities as different as banana manufacture of candies or jams. Its main activity has always been the cultivation of sugar cane and its first transformation by grinding for the production of agricultural distillates.

The estate, which has always been in the family’s bosom, has been distilling since 1942 the Damoiseau agricultural white rum at 40 °, 50 ° or 55 °, as well as old rum. He is now headed by Hervé Damoiseau the grandson.


Since the foundation, the main events related to the distillery are

1942: foundation of the Damoiseau house on the Bellevue estate in the town of Moule.
1996: Hervé Damoiseau becomes CEO of Damoiseau rums.
2005: Damoiseau Rum joins forces with Martinique Clément from the Bernard Hayot Group (GBH) to create Spiridom, a common marketing structure for their products in mainland France.
2011: Hervé Damoiseau is appointed President of CIRTDOM, Interprofessional Center for Rums of Overseas Departments1.
2012: Damoiseau Rum celebrates its 70th birthday.
4 gold medals followed in 2013-2014-2015 and 2016 for his 50 ° white rum at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris


Today, the last distillery of Grande-terre


The Bellevue estate, on which the Damoiseau distillery is located, comprises several parts:

The distillery (dating from the late nineteenth century).
The aging cellars of old rum.
The windmill.
The Rum Hut (souvenir shop & rum tasting, etc.).
The family home.

The Damoiseau distillery is the last of Grande-Terre. Its slogan “Grande Terre Grand Rhum” claims this particularity.

Rum Damoiseau is market leader with 50% market share in Guadeloupe, present in metropolitan France and more than 40 countries. Its turnover is 9 million euros a year.

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