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Route Du Rum Is Under Way

Route Du Rum Is Under Way
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This years 40th annual Route To Rum from Saint Malo, France to Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe is well underway and the skippers have been out to sea since 4 days now and are now expecting the winner to arrive in the next couple of days. There is just one major problem, the winds and storms in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are not giving these navigators any rest and are disrupting their navigating program. We have already had a Guadeloupean skipper lose control of his boat and run upon a small island off the coast of France just six hours after the start of the historic race. This years wild race has been a very difficult and will probably be a long one with some unfortunate contestants waiting out the storm before continuing on with the course.  

Point a Pitre is all ready to celebrate the arrival of the first skipper to finish the Route Du Rum race that is an long standing tradition that has been turned into an event. In the 17th and 18th centuries the French, Spanish and English navigators would leave the west coast of their European countries and sail to the Caribbean and pick up there stock of sugar and rum to then go back to Europe and sell it. This trade has lasted for centuries and has had a lasting impact and the Guadeloupean culture. 

This historic event is a great crowd gatherer and for the next 3 weeks almost 24 hours a day there will be people on the port of Point a Pitre in the middle of the old city welcoming every skipper that will finish the race. This is a great site to see the biggest and fastest boats to ride on the open ocean waters. These million dollar boats are state of the art hi tech beauty’s that are made to glide on the water and go as fast as possible. Especially that there are no other team members on board other the then the skipper himself who is steering the boat for the whole entire race. Which makes the race all that more difficult. Lets just hope that this race ends well for every one and that the storms in the Atlantic Ocean won’t disrupt to much and have only limited damage.

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