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Reimonenq Rum Guadeloupe’s Hidden Treasure

Reimonenq Rum Guadeloupe’s Hidden Treasure
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While Guadeloupe is better known for is pristine crystal clear warm waters and white sandy beaches you can’t help but notice a drink in most people’s hands. It’s not just any old drink either. Most of the people are appreciating the local alcoholic drink called “ti punch” which is a mix of rum, sweet honey and freshly squeezed lime juice. But for the rum experts in the quality alcohol domain they know that in Guadeloupe they produce a very high number of quality rums that are well known all over the world.  We are going to be talking about one of Guadeloupe’s best quality rums that is out on the market. 

With that being said, it brings us to a rum from one of Guadeloupe’s venerable distilleries called Reimonenq. So there are rums, there are special high grade rums and then there are rums for the real expert rum drinkers like this one. This third category isn’t for everyone though. This category is filled with quality rums of unique character,  sometimes a little too much strength of uncanny yet sweet personality. Reimonenq has been putting out great agricole rum expressions for well over a century and its products tend to be a bit more robust and have more of a raw quality than some of its neighbors around the Guadeloupean archipelago.

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So what does it taste like?

When vacationing in Guadeloupe you have ample opportunities to taste the many different varieties of rum that are available. But this really special rum you will only find in certain places. But I did have the chance to buy one from a local excursion tour that I was invited on and couldn’t pass up on that unique opportunity. I went out and a couple friends and I tried Reimonenq’s Reserve Speciale, a six-year-old rum aged in old oak barrels. What a grand experience it was. One of the best and unique drinks I ever had. 

The Reserve Speciale has a cool pale amber color with a particular aroma of black pepper, candied fruit and wild vanilla. Then that’s when things get really interesting. When tasting it for the first time there’s a savage raw, lush flavor with hidden notes of grass, mango, dried papaya, fresh sugar cane stalk and that Guadeloupe marzipan note. Lots of different flavors hitting you and leaving a mixed taste in your mouth

This is an agricole rum that is raw and where you can still taste the original blunt base. It’s a mature rum that hasn’t lost the spirit of youth. It’s fiery and peppery taste will hit you first before mellowing down. This bold and brash rum is oozing with the personality of the island of Basse-Terre. It is simply a rum for the real rum drinkers.

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