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Natural Hot Springs In The Bay Of Bouillante Guadeloupe

Natural Hot Springs In The Bay Of Bouillante Guadeloupe
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In the middle of the village of Bouillante Guadeloupe, on an illuminated lake, it is possible to take a warm invigorating natural hot spring bath. The site is now acclaimed by residents and tourists who are more likely to visit at night.
The city of Bouillante offers several sites with hot springs where it is possible to take a natural hot baths. This is the case of the Baie du Bourg, which has been experiencing an exponential increase in attendance since August.
Geoffroy Nabal, manager of the restaurant Aux Sources Hot, has seen this trend since the last Tour of Guadeloupe and also thanks to the broadcast of a report in the newscast of Guadeloupe The first.

Visited more often then the hot water spring of Thomas

Previously the bay, yet very accessible from the main road, did not attract many crowds. Hot bath enthusiasts then preferred to go to the source of Thomas, located a few kilometers away, despite the disadvantages being the small size of the pool, the lack of lighting and quick access.
Also, this bathing area, near the geothermal power plant, gradually supplants the traditional dip at the hot spring of Thomas. In the evening, it is the attraction of the whole village. “Basterrians are the ones who go there after the working out or a concert,” Geoffroy Nabal said.
In order to prevent this idyllic moment from becoming a nightmare, bathers are advised not to stray too far from the canal that rejects the warm waters of the geothermal power station. Indeed, the place is also popular with a colony of “chadrons” (black sea urchins), installed downstream.

Article by FranceAntilles 12-1-2019 by Jean-Luc GOUBIN

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