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Moule’s Vacation Spots

Moule’s Vacation Spots
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During the first half of the 19th century with its numerous refineries and plantations, at first about 30, then about 100, the planters lived a self-sufficient lifestyle farming sugar cane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, spices and other essential food products, thus dominating Guadeloupean economics during the 1850s. After that, they experienced many financial collapses because of failed crops, abolition of slavery, the production of better sugar in Europe and the very strict “colonial pact”. Shared farming has become necessary as well as industrial modernization, and steam machines replaced traditional windmills. The sugar crises forced a new decision. In 1901, only four refineries survived: Duchassaing, Zévallos, Marly and Gardel. Le Moule’s port lost its place of dominance to Pointe à Pitre, the center of commerce shifted and the city fell into solitude.

Le Moule was a sugar port in the 17th-18th centuries. Now tourism has boomed and there are some seaside resorts on nearby beaches. There are two distilleries nearby. Agriculture is predominantly spread around Le Moule with fields growing bananas, sugarcane and livestock rearing.

It is very easy to get around and enjoy one of the best beaches in the world and also one of the top surf spots for world champion surfers. You can find the best locations for a vacation house not to far from the beach in this area. We recommend Terrathely as a top choice for a vacation house. This 5 star vacation house has one of the most modern and highly equipped houses on the island and it’s only 300 yards from the beach. This house has a pool and is open on the inside for more living space. It’s perfect for anyone who is visiting Guadeloupe and wants to be at only 15 minutes away from all the main beaches on the island like Saint Anne and Saint Francais.

You will be amazed by its beautiful structure and design. It has the best prices for a vacation house that’s practically on the beach. 

Moule is one of the top destinations on the island and one of the most secluded areas of Guadeloupe. You should check out Terrathely’s offers and scroll though the pictures of the place and it’s surrondings. You can also check them out on the site travel2guadeloupe.com and take a look at the amazing view and interior. 

Contact terrathely : terrathely@gmail.com   Christophe THELISSON

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  1. Terrathely has a promotion going from June 27 to July 7 reserve for only 70 euros a night in this 5 star vacation house. Contact them now

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