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Kayaking To The Cousteau Reserve

Kayaking To The Cousteau Reserve
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The beautiful western coastline of Guadeloupe is called locally the “Coast under the wind”. There are lots of beautiful natural places to visit with a lot of history in this tropical area. One of those cities is Bouillante, literally translates to “Boiling” with it’s natural geothermal heating process, is a spectacular place squeezed in between the volcano “The Soufriere” and the Caribbean Sea with a lot of different things to see and activities to do. This is where you will find amazing lush tropical wildlife everywhere you go. You are literally walking in a preserved rain forest along with it’s inhabitants animals and all. This town is different then the other beautiful vacation beach towns on the island with there white sand beaches like Gosier, Saint Anne or Saint Francois. In Bouillante the beach sand is black because of the volcano that is a few kilometers away that dominates the wild and savage landscape. This is why Bouillante is one of the best vacation spots in the Caribbean due to it’s amazing diversity in such a short distance. A city that sits between the ocean and beach with the rain forest and volcano in the background not to far away. One of the best vacation spots in the world to go diving, kayaking, snorkeling and that is why people love to travel to Guadeloupe. 

When your standing on the magnificent Malendure beach in the city of Bouillante you can’t help but notice a small island that is just out in front of you only a few hundred yards away. This well protected reserve island is called the The Cousteau Reserve or The Pigeon Islands. A wonderful National park that is well preserved and protected by park rangers. The Reserve Cousteau is not that close enough to swim to although many temp the crossing, but is close enough to get to by kayak in only or few short minutes of paddling. This National treasure of Guadeloupe is an amazing breeding ground for sea turtles and small sea snakes and all kinds of unique marine life. While strolling on the beach of Malendure and starring at the beautiful Island Cousteau you can’t help but say to yourself, ” what if I could go over there and have a picnic or just discover the island for a while?” And the answer is yes you can and you don’t even have to have any of your own material with you because Caraibes Kayak is located right on the beach and has a stand with all the kayaks and material that is necessary for anyone wanting to discover the Cousteau Reserve. Enjoy the best spot known for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking in Guadeloupe.  

Caraibes Kayak has kayak rentals for just a few hours to a full day for really cheap prices. I highly recommend while on vacation or just visiting Guadeloupe to go either for the 3 hour tour or the whole day rental, if you can, so you can really enjoy all the different sites of this magnificent island. You can even bring your own picnic with you. There isn’t a better way then going kayaking to get to the Cousteau Reserve and then do some snorkeling all around the reserve while exploring all the amazing marine life there is in this protected area. This is the best beach to go snorkeling and kayaking and in this bay you are for sure to be amazed by it’s marine diversity. You won’t regret or forget your wild adventure while you were on vacation in Guadeloupe. 

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