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A Little History


Joseph and Fernand Reimonenq, 2 pioneers of rum in Guadeloupe.

 In 1915, Joseph buys the land from Dr. Diavet which was a former cocoa plantation and medicinal plants and then began the work of clearing the land for the planting of sugar cane and the construction of the distillery, which was made of wood at that time.

 Joseph Reimonenq (1887-1950) worked at a bank, but at the same time he dealt with the sale of rum to metropolitan France and was at the administration of the distillery.

 He was also the Mayor of city of Saint Rose and General Councilor between 1920 and 1944.

 Fernand Reimonenq (1897-1959) was 17 – 18 years old, he was on the ground taking care of the sugar cane plantation and the construction work of the distillery, as well as the current management within the estate from day to day.

 André Bon (1886 – 1965) partners with them and provides them with a steam engine and a mill. A few years later, he sold his shares and moved to Bordeaux where he traded sugar and rum.

 They put their know-how together and produced rum during the 1st World War. The rum was put in barrels and was transported to mainland France by boat, obviously, it was used on the battlefields for the soldiers and was bottled in mainland France.

PRODUCTION: 100 to 200,000 liters per year

At the death of Fernand, his son Léopold Reimonenq (born in 1933)

 continue the adventure.

 However in 1970, the distillery was destroyed by a fire.

 It is rebuilt and starts producing rum again in 1974.

 Through his travels, he continues to modernize the distillery and

 to innovate in making rums.

 At the very beginning, the rum was put in cask for the personal consumption of the owners.

In 1960, Leopold built a building where he installed a hundred barrels.


 It’s the beginning of a great adventure in aging rums.

Today, we have 1500 casks patiently aging from 1998, 1999, 2000 vintages …

 In 1965, he began bottling the old rum in a rectangular bottle on which is engraved Rhum De La Guadeloupe on the side. At that time, rum Reimonenq was sold under the brand Grand Corsaire.

 For 20 years, we have been paying particular attention to the development of our vintages.

 One of our most beautiful achievements was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the distillery

The Cuvée Quitessence 2001

In 1985, the distillery won its first gold medal at the Paris Agricultural Competition. In 1986, it is in Madrid that she receives a laurel of gold.

 In 1987, it’s in Brussels and New York ….

 The quality continues to grow and each year the various European competitions in which we participate award us medals.

 These awards allow us to continue our efforts to satisfy our customers and make us known to those who do not know us.

 We are sold in France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra … and of course in the French West Indies.

 The men and women who worked at the distillery offered the best of themselves. On the occasion of the centenary, we dedicate to them these achievements in limited and numbered series, as well as to our loyal customers.


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9 am - 5 pm


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Our Address:

musée du rhum, bellevue, sainte rose, guadeloupe


16.316552176615, -61.68919185784

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