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Flight ULM Delta Plane Rentals In Guadeloupe

Let yourself grow some wings !!

Fly under a delta wing and glide gently over the lagoons of Saint Francois. Discover the softness and stability of the flight with an exceptional panoramic view! In the open air you can fly barefoot if you want and will experience the sensations of a bird glider! We fly Every day by appointment according to weather conditions

Pendular ULM

ULM means: Ultra Light Motorized. An ULM must respect certain constraints, including maximum weight (450 kg for a two-seater) and engine power that’s limited. Both view points can only see as much as the pilot and a passenger.

ULMs, like airplanes, must be approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. The specifications are very strict. The pendulum wings are designed to withstand stresses up to 6 times the maximum allowable take-off weight.

Flight Stability Of The Pendular

The principle of the pendulum with the motorized carriage suspended from the wing brings a great stability to the flight. When the wing moves, the carriage remains stable!

In addition, the shape and the so-called “freestanding” profile of the delta wings allows the wing to return naturally and automatically to the equilibrium position for a stabilized flight.

The GTBI air-creation equipped with the hazard wing flies level between 60 and 70 km / hr. 


First Time Lagoon Tours From 2 Flights Minimum

55 euros

Gently hover over the lagoon with breathtaking views of the marina, the golf course, the pier, the town, the beaches and the coral reef. Overview of sea turtles. 15 minutes


First Time Anse A La Gourde 30 minutes

90 euros

Fly like a bird over the lagoon and above Anse a La Gourde and Anse Tarare then back over the sea turtle zone near the lagoons of Saint Francois. 


Pointe Des Chateaux, Water Cove 45 minutes

140 euros

Take a breathtaking flight over the Pointe Des Chateaux, the pink lake of Salines, flights of the zone of the sea turtles, the beaches and lagoons of the hotels of the south coast.

Go for a great flight to the most beautiful spot in Guadeloupe the Pointe Des Chateaux and fly over to the north, from the beach lagoons, the Baie Olive to the next lagoon Anse à l’Eau. We will return by the south coast where we will see Anse a la Barque and its beautiful beaches full of the most exotique houses. Overview of sea turtles included and marine life.

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Security Altitude

With its low speed and flying qualities, the pendulum ULM allows short take-offs and landings, which in particular allow for landing in the field. To ensure optimum safety, flights are always at a sufficient altitude to be able to land by hovering engine on the aerodrome or on a practicable ground. The characteristics of the new generation wing, without mat, with rigid and profiled uprights, improve the comfort of flight and the distance that can be covered by hovering engine. At a 100 meters altitude you can hover over 1 kilometer.

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8 am - 6 pm


8 am - 6 pm


8 am - 6 pm


8 am - 6 pm


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8 am - 6 pm


8 am - 6 pm

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Yoann July 13, 2019 5:20 pm

Wild and crazy fun is what this excursion is. You can see dolphins and sea turtles all the way from up there. One of the best things to do in Guadeloupe.

50.00 €
August 2, 2019
Special Offer

Delta Plane Lagoon Tour 50 Euros

First Time Lagoon Tours From 2 Flights Minimum 50 euros

Gently hover over the lagoon with breathtaking views of the marina, the golf course, the pier, the town, the beaches and the coral reef. Overview of sea turtles. 15 minutes


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