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Discover the islands of Petite Terre, Marie Galant, Saints, Grand Cul de Sac, or the Cousteau Reserve and its breathtaking seabed. Kayaking, Canyoning, Parachute, Paragliding, surfing and kite lessons … Everything is there to make your stay unforgettable.
I also offer car and boat rentals.
My professionalism and seriousness have made the reputation of my company, Authentic Excursion, which has today expanded with stands on St. Anne and St. Francis.
And it is logical that I had the desire to share my experience and my love for Guadeloupe and welcome you to my home Tiki Paradise Lodge that we have imagined a small complex of 3 wooden bungalows all around a beautiful artificial lagoon and a beautiful tropical garden.

Do not miss anything of your stay in Guadeloupe, I am here to advise you!

Find the strength of a team of advisers whose sole purpose is to make you have an unforgettable stay.
Tailored advice, guaranteed to leave with the best providers for you and your family, support, monitoring, …

Authentic Excursion starts its 5th year of existence with the opening of a 3rd stand, … When I created my company I did not imagine the magnitude that it was going to take. I take this opportunity to thank all my loyal customers who trust me for all these years and I welcome you who will come to discover this beautiful island that is Guadeloupe.
Do not hesitate, contact us and we will be happy to inform you, see you soon.

Water Excursions

Petite Terre

Classified Natural Reserve by UNESCO

starting at 90 €

Petite Terre is an uninhabited archipelago composed of two islands surrounded by a coral reef. It has been classified as a nature reserve and offers a large lagoon with crystal clear waters. It is a perfect place for young children and beginners because it is shallow and will offer you a great variety of tropical fish, turtles, lemon sharks, rays, baraccuda …

You will discover the island and visit its only home: The Lighthouse. Its fauna is composed of migratory birds, all varieties of Antillean iguanas, touloulou crabs … You will enjoy a good local meal served with your feet in the sand. Drinks included at will (ti-punch, planter, water, juice, wine …) All our meals are fresh and homemade, prepared by our local cooks. Choose your mode of transport and go live an unforgettable experience: Package boat + meal + drinks in Speed ​​Boat 12 people or Sailing Catamaran 45 people

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The Grand Marine Cul de Sac 

Ranked World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO

Starting at 75 €

The 25 km long Great Barrier Reef, closing Grand-Cul-de-Sac-Marin, transforms this unique area into a real nursery for aquatic animal species. The extraordinary biodiversity of the area generates seabeds full of fish of various species. The marine turtle Caret very fertile although threatened, comes to breed on the beaches of the islet at different times of the year. Crabs, molluscs, stars and sea cucumbers as well as birds have also taken up residence there.

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Authenticity, Land of History and Traditions

Starting at 39 €

Marie-Galant or “La Grande Galette”, land of rural traditions that cultivates a peaceful lifestyle extends over an area of 158 km² and has beautiful beaches and typical villages. The island has three communes and 12,410 inhabitants. Marie-Galant which counted up to 106 mills is also called “the island of a hundred mills” or the “Great Addiction”. You will discover the distilleries with the strongest rum of the caribbean (59 °). – Package boat + visit + meal in SPEED BOAT 12 people, Sailing catamaran 45 people or Catamaran motor 12 people – Crossing alone in FERRY

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The Saints

Ranked among the most beautiful bays in the world

Starting at 20 €

Terre-de-Haut is known for its splendid bay with turquoise and clear waters, its spectacular beach, Pain de Sucre, its charming village with peaceful streets lined with pretty houses. The inhabitants of Brittany and Normandy origin have a long tradition of fishing which they practice in canoes called “Saintoises”. You will go up to admire the exceptional sight that offers Fort Napoleon. Package boat + visit + meal in Speed Boat departure Saint Francois or Saint Anne. Single ferry crossing from Saint Francois or Trois Rivieres

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The Desirade

Paradise Island…

Starting from 30 €

The Desirade is a small island of 11 km long and 2 km wide. Away from the development of tourism, the island has remained wild. Only one paved road runs the Desirade, wind turbines provide the necessary electricity and running water has only run on the island since 1991! The island is not very populated, suddenly, everyone knows each other. The people are welcoming, the atmosphere relaxed, the coast not really concrete, in short, we love it! Package boat + visit + meal in Speed Boat 12 people or Ferry. Single ferry crossing

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Land Activities

 Buggy Rentals

Day or half day

Starting at 65 per person€

For those who are not afraid to get dirty, go off to discover the east coast of Grande Terre. A day or half day. From Saint-Francois to the Moule, passing by Pointe des Chateaux and all the wild creeks and fields along the coast.

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 Safari Tour 4 x 4

Discover the Basse Terre aboard 4 x 4 between 6 to 8 people

Starting at 88 €

– North Circuit: Sugar Cane plantations, wild beaches, Pointe Noire, acomat jump. Meals at a local restaurant

– South Circuit: River, banana plantation, distillery, Soufriere massif, rivers, 39 ° hot water bath, volcano massif. Meals at a local restaurant

– The Soufriere “The Great Lady”: ascension of the volcano accompanied by a guide by the way of the Ladies or the trace of the scientists. Then relax in the yellow baths before taking the road again. Tasting of a kassav in the morning. Distribution of water bottles, ponchos,. Picnic break at the top of the volcano or meal at the restaurant

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Aerial Hikes


Starting at 85 €

First time flying baptism. 20 minutes of a gentle aerial hike, revealing the exoticism of the fauna and flora of the coast. Ideal for a discovery, in group, in family, between friends …35 minutes of an aerial ride along the coastline to reveal the Grand Cul de Sac Marin and Soufriere. Summary introduction to flying and acrobatic changes on request, dare you !

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ULM & Autogyro

Baptism Pointe des Châteaux

Starting at 40 €

10 minutes to 1 hour of a airplane glide under the delta wing to the tip of the Point des Chateaux, the salt pans. Back by the north coast, Anse Tarare, Anse a la Gourde, wind turbines, beach rollers, Baie Olive. Flight over the lagoon before returning to base.

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Aerial Baptism 

Starting from 319 €

45 seconds of free fall and pure pleasure at the speed of 200 Km / h. At 1500 meters the instructor opens the parachute and you glide in the sky for ten minutes under the sun and parachute before landing. PAC initiation (Progression Accompagnée en Chute libre) is a aerial baptism which allows you to live more actively your jump. At 1500 meters, you open your parachute and you drive peacefully flying with radio assistance until landing in the safest conditions. Internship beginner PAC 4 hours of theoretical training, 6 minimum jumps accompanied by one or two instructors before complete autonomy (the jump of initiation being the 1st jump of the stage).

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Aquatic Adventures


Bouillante, Basse Terre

Starting from 50 €

FAMILY from 8 years old 8:30 am to 12:30 pm: Jumps and Toboggans. FAMILY ADVENTURE from 10 years old 9 am to 3:30 pm: Jumps, Slides, 3 rappels (10 meters the highest). DISCOVERY SENSATION from 12 years 9 am to 2:30 pm: Jumps, Toboggans, 2 rappels (20 meters highest). VERTICALE ADVENTURE from 14 years old 9 am to 3:30 pm: Jumps, Slides, between 5 and 7 rappels (30 meters the highest). Water-less canyon based on booster, for insiders. CANYON XTREM from 16 years old 8:30 am to 4:30 pm: Jumps, Slides, 5 rappels (30 meters the highest). Water-less Canyon

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Deep Sea Fishing

Saint-Francois, Deshaies, Bouillante

Starting from 130 €

The opportunity to meet real professionals of the sea to direct you to the best fishing spots in the region. All the fishing equipment provided to go up the most possible catches. Even if the Marlin is always the most difficult to approach, you will not fail to catch a Daurade (mahi mahi), a Thasard or a Tuna during this all-inclusive day. Accessible to all, beginners and confirmed.

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Morne a l’Eau, Saint-Francois

Starting at 35 €

3 hours of relaxation, discovery of the mangrove through the tales and legends of the island. Do not miss the sunset stroll, which has a lot of surprises … an unforgettable moment

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Let yourself be overwhelmed by the enchantment offered by the Cousteau Nature Reserve. Enjoy an experienced, passionate team committed to protecting and preserving marine ecosystems

The Cousteau Reserve

Malendure and its Pigeon Islands

Discover with family or friends, the underwater flora and fauna of the reserve Cousteau which is today the heart of the National Park of Guadeloupe. Paradise place, conducive to the discovery and practice of scuba diving by its exceptional transparency and a temperature of 25 and 30 ° all year round

Lagoon Of Saint Francois

Go on a coral reef tour of the different lagoons in Saint Francois. Let the diving guides show you some really unique spots to dive in the bay and lagoons of the spectacular area. 

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With a maximum of 8 people per tour, Diving at your own pace

Price 40 euros


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Diving Baptism

Diving From 6 years old. Stands alone with a monitor during the immersion Max depth 6 meters Immersion time 20 min

40 euros for kids 12 and under

50 euros for adults


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Yoann July 13, 2019 5:16 pm

If your looking for lots of different excursions and activities to choose from then this service provider has it all. Check out this place at the marina of Saint Francois.

40.00 €
November 30, 2020
Special Offer

Diving Baptism With Authentic Excursions

Diving Baptism

Diving From 6 years old. Stands alone with a monitor during the immersion Max depth 6 meters Immersion time 20 min

40 euros for kids 12 and under

50 euros for adults

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