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Islet Kahouanne & Islet Tete Anglais

Islet Kahouanne & Islet Tete Anglais
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In the grand marine cul de sac that is located in between the islands of Basse Terre and the Grand Terre you can find a very long stretch of coral reefs. This grand bay is about 24,000 acres of pure beauty and savageness. You can find all kinds of translucent lagoons, rich mangroves and isolated islets and all kinds full of unique marine life. This coral reef belt is 29 kilometers long and makes up the longest stretch of mangroves in the smaller Antilles. This land is a reservoir of biodiversity and consists of 60 % of all coral life in the French Antilles. 3,500 acres of land and ocean are since 2009 considered part of the national park. In 1992 this zone was classed as a zone of high importance for marine birds. 

Islet Kahouanne

This island is a beautiful piece of land 20 acres of cliffs, waterfalls and pristine beaches. it’s composed of an extremely rich biodiversity perfectly conserved with a dry forest. Lots of dense mangroves surround this island as well as all kinds of sea turtles are found in it’s waters. This is a very beautiful area to come visit and see what a true Caribbean island looks like without people on it.

islets guadeloupe

Islet Tete Anglais

This 1.5 acre chunk of rock is all volcanic rock. It’s vegetation is full of dry plant life like cactus’s that are native to the Caribbean but are rare in Guadeloupe. The islet has also a lot of native birds that come and perch in the trees to relax. You can find frigates, the stern of Dougall, and many others that are beautiful to watch. 

If your looking for a real adventure and want to discover these small islets you have many different tour operators that offer different possibilities. You can go by boat or kayak and really take your time and visit this beautiful and unique landscapes. By going by kayak you will be able to glide on the water at your own pace and really check out the whole area for the best spot to land and get a closer look.

The vegetation is full of marine birds and land birds that find this habitat very suitable for there nests. There is an abundance of food in this area like clams, small fish and snails. Manatees used to swim all over the islands waters but are no longer here due to it’s intense fishing back in the 20 century. The national park of Guadeloupe is trying to reintroduce the manatee back to it’s original environment but for right now without much success. 



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