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Hiking To The Volcano The Soufriere

Hiking To The Volcano The Soufriere
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Hiking to and on the volcano the Soufriere is an amazing experience. This is a world class site with an outstanding lush flora full of vibrant life. This protected environment is well preserved and is part of Guadeloupe’s culture and heritage. Lots of islanders forget that there is an active volcano on the island and that it is still as dangerous as any other active volcano in the world. This massif piece of savage nature sits above the low lying clouds and is a spectacular view from it’s crater. It is the highest point of the lower Caribbean and is a well know landmark for hikers and people around the world who enjoy nature in all its splendor. 

Hike on the Soufriere on the roof of the lesser antilles and discover a real active volcano. With Vert Intense they have professional guides that will explain volcanism of the Soufriere and its amazing influence on the island of Guadeloupe. The Volcano Soufriere is an explosive volcano and its ascent allows you to discover the most active area of ​​the Volcano. With lots of smoking fumaroles and continual gas vents, it’s a real special experience. The weather is often very variable on the height of the Basse-Terre which makes the volcano of the Soufriere one of the most wet areas of the World. It is important to prepare well for this hike to the Soufriere. A rain jacket big enough to put it over your backpack, snacks and drinks to cross over 500 meters of uneven terrain without problems. It is also very important to protect personal things that are sensitive to moisture and high humidity inside your backpack like your phone, camera, tablet etc.

Near the parking you will also find natural, yellow sulfur baths. A natural swimming pool formation arranged around a source of water heated by the Soufriere volcano. Remember to take your swimsuits, which you can leave in your vehicle with extra clothes and a bath towel. The swim on the way back from the hike to the Soufriere is a really great. Vert Intense mountain guides know all the best attractions of the Soufriere Volcano. Vegetation, volcanism, history, influence on the island, they will meet your all your expectations.

The rates for a tour with Vert Intense is 35 euros and a duration of 5 hours 

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