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Guadeloupe The Archipelago

Guadeloupe The Archipelago
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The island of Guadeloupe is really an archipelago made up of 5 different islands. The Basse Terre, The Grand Terre, Marie Galante, The Saints, and The Desiraide. Each one of these islands is different and has it’s own unique ecosystem. By visiting Guadeloupe it’s like you were taking 5 vacations in one. 

The Basse Terre

With 848 square kilometers of beautiful, well preserved land, this island is the biggest in the whole archipelago of Guadeloupe. Full of mountains and not forgetting the active volcano, The Soufirere, this part of the island is full of precious natural resources. This is where France has it’s 7th greatest national park with it’s luxurious rain forest and it’s unique environment that has been preserved for hundreds of years. The volcano The Soufriere, which has a summit of 1,467 meters, is the highest point on the lesser Antilles and is full of unique wild life that can only be found here. Basse Terre will surprise you with it’s wonderful water falls, it’s wild rivers, it’s black sand beaches and geo-thermal hot springs that give you a sensation of finding the fountain of youth. 

The Grand Terre

Is a fascinating island with a total of 586 square kilometers full of culture and history, this land full of sugar cane fields, is full of white sand beaches and scenery that seem to be made for post cards. This is also home to the only golf courses of the island. This flatter island is very rich in tradition and has the most beautiful beaches on the island. 

Marie Galante

This authentic island of only 158 square meters and with little altitude is off the coast of the main land of Guadeloupe by 40 kilometers and you can see the island off in the distance when your on the beach of Gosier and Saint Anne. This island has a very long tradition with the sugar cane industry and the rum industry. Called the island with a hundred wind mills Marie Galante has formed it’s reputation thanks to the quality of it’s rum. Marie Galante is also known for it’s white sand beaches and it’s laid back life style. You can also see bulls pulling on wooden carts like in the old days because this is how some of the locals still get around. 

The Saints

With only 13 square kilometers of land, this is where heaven meets earth. Formed of 9 small islets with only 2 of them being inhabited, you have Terre de Haut, with it’s calm and warm turquoise waters that are registered in the club of the most beautiful bays in the world. Then there is Terre de Bas with it’s calm atmosphere and tranquil lifestyle. These are very hospitable people with a very long history of fishing, boat making, and pottery.

The Desirade

Surprisingly with 22 kilometers of land this island is a real place of peace and traditions. Civic traditions and a simple lifestyle has preserved The Desirade’s culture. Beautiful white sand beaches and a long coral reef that surrounds and protects the island is a good place to go diving, snorkeling and kayaking in. This is also not far from the small islet of Petit Terre.

Our travel guide is full of places to go and see that will show you the uniqueness of this island of adventure, Guadeloupe. 

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