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Guadeloupe In The Top 3 Of The Favorite Islands Of Travelers

Guadeloupe In The Top 3 Of The Favorite Islands Of Travelers
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Guadeloupe is third choice of travelers after Cuba and Bali according to the Guide of The Routard. Two other French overseas departments are part of this list as well.
On November 9, the Guide of the Routard published the list of the destinations that had the highest rating on its website in 2018, based on its 5.6 million unique visitors per month. According to our colleagues in France, the archipelago of Guadeloupe is third in the ranking of favorite islands. In this ranking, we find Cuba in first position. Bali in second and Guadeloupe completes this podium for best vacation spots.

Several overseas departments also appear in this top 10 of the favorite islands of travelers. The island of Reunion thus ranks in 4th position and Martinique is in eighth place. It must be said that the American zone is popular among all travelers. All sections combined, whether on guides or via community on social media pages, the United States is the favorite destination of travelers in 2018 on Routard.com.

In the top ten countries of this zone, Cuba, Mexico and Canada are also found on this list.

Another region that is particularly popular among travelers is Southeast Asia. Thailand is in second place, Indonesia third, and Vietnam fourth. Japan closes the race in tenth position.

You should know that to establish this ranking and know the most popular destinations on routard.com They study the number of page views on the site for each of the destinations from January to November 2017, all sections combined, magazine and including community pages.

In 2017, Guadeloupe was 9th in this ranking.

The 10 favorite islands in the world for 2018 are

1- Cuba

2- Bali

3- Guadeloupe

4- Reunion

5- Crete

6- Canaries

7- Mauritius

8- Martinique

9- Sicily

10- Cape Verde

source of article :  RCI.FM | on 28/11/2018 at 11:30 am by Olivia Losbar

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