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Guadeloupe Canyon River Tours

Guadeloupe Canyon River Tours
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 There is no need to be a great sportsman to practice this beautiful discipline in the canyons and rivers of Guadeloupe. But it does take a minimum of stamina and swimming skills. This helps develop balance and self-confidence. Especially for discovering the rich and beautiful secret landscapes, that no one can discover otherwise. This out door sport, river tours in Guadeloupe, is for the youngest ages and for the less young. The canyon will awaken the kid in you. The Basse Terre part of Guadeloupe is very mountainous. The area contains a large number of rivers that are called “Ravines” here. These ravines are essentially located along the leeward coast between Deshaies and Gourbeyre. They rivers are accessible to the greatest number of practitioners and water temperature is always between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius. The rivers are bathed in tropical vegetation, completely exuberant. These ravines run all year round.

What period can we go canyoning or aquatic hiking ?

In short, you can go canyoning or aqua trekking every day of the year except when it’s raining or going to rain. Canyon Guadeloupe offers a great selection of the 12 most beautiful canyons of Guadeloupe. The majority of these canyons are accessible to all people with a minimum of sporting and adventure in them, voluntary and motivated, and not having an uncontrollable vertigo. Canyon Guadeloupe has been passionate about nature since there childhood. They offer guided river tours in Guadeloupe with climbing, canyoning and cave hunting (since 1989) and gives you unparalleled sensations difficult to find elsewhere. These tour guides are pre-dispositionend  to the professions of the sport but also to the teaching, the life naturally pushes them to become better tour guides.

river tours guadeloupe

Canyoning Since 1996

Canyon Guadeloupe has been doing guided canyon and river tours in Guadeloupe for a very long time now. They have gained a lot of experience and have a high level of degrees in this sport and have become experts in there art. These credentials can prove what type of canyon hiking business they run and the advantages of going with them. 

– Patented State Certified Guide in climbing and canyoning since 1996
– Level 3 diving
– D.E.J.E.P.S canyoning and climbing in natural environments

Guadeloupe is really a huge playground. With Canyon Guadeloupe and their deep knowledge of the canyons of Guadeloupe you can go on different outings on canyon courses of different levels. Be rest assured that you will be happy to discover the most beautiful rivers of Guadeloupe safely! You can also speak freely because they also speak English.

river tours guadeloupe

They always practice this profession with lots of passion. There river tour experience started in France in the Drôme their region of origin, but also in Corsica, the Maritime Alps, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Martinique, Dominica and also the island of Reunion where they were tour guides in 2005. Getting a lot of experience through different climbing clubs with a crush on the French Alpine Club of Romans. 

So by going on an amazing outdoor excursion in the rivers of Guadeloupe does take some know how and experience. Canyon Guadeloupe is one of the most wildest and most fun adventures to do while your here in Guadeloupe. It is well worth the time and effort put in for these un forgettable times. 


river tours guadeloupe



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