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Guadeloupe And Martinique Among The 25 Most Attractive Islands In The Caribbean

Guadeloupe And Martinique Among The 25 Most Attractive Islands In The Caribbean
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The magazine Business Insider has just published its 2017 ranking of the 25 most attractive islands in the Caribbean. A special ranking based on specific criteria. Among the 25 lucky ones elected, Guadeloupe and Martinique the sister islands. A very nice publicity for these two Caribbean, overseas departments.

Temperature of the air and the water is between 25 and 33 ° Celsius. The panoramic views are breathtaking. As you can see here, we are talking about the beautiful white sand beaches of the Caribbean islands. Business Insider magazine ranked these islands based on hotel booking costs, accessibility and the wide range of land and aquatic activities they have to offer. Their goal ? To establish a ranking of the best 25 islands to discover and take a vacation is an absolute.

In the end, the top 3 islands that are on top of the list this year, are in number 1 is none other than Cuba followed by Puerto Rico and in third place the Dominican Republic. Note that the very beautiful 4th place spot goes to the island of St. Martin in front of the Bahamas. Now, what about the French islands ? These islands already acclaimed in 2016 for the same ranking, Guadeloupe and Martinique make a leap in the rankings and integrate into the top 15. The palm goes to Martinique which appears in the top 10.

Martinique is in 9th position with notable assets, these 179 indoor activities and outdoor recreationactivities listed but also its forty historic monuments.

The island of flowers is ahead of the island of beautiful waters, Guadeloupe is ranked 11th. Guadeloupe is also distinguished by the large number of activities to be carried out through out its archipelago. Saint-Barthélemy is in 19th position

To classify the islands, the specialized magazine’s journalists took into account the average prices for each room using Hotels.com data, flight time from New York, the number of attractions listed on TripAdvisor and the potential of its ranges according to an official index.

Find the complete ranking here: The 25 best Caribbean islands, ranked.

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