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Go Site Seeing

Go Site Seeing
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The best things in life are free, or at least that’s what they say. But it’s true that going site seeing doesn’t really cost that much but it all depends how you do your site seeing. Whether it’s hiking or by car, or going out a little further to the surrounding islands it might not cost you that much. But one thing is for sure is that certain places are really worth visiting no matter how much the cost. In the end, it’s not all that expensive and you end up having the time of your life.

There are many things to do and different areas to choose from. If your a beach person then you will love this destination. Guadeloupe is know for it’s beaches and it’s rain forest. It has the most beautiful beaches in the world and little know that the best ones are not on the main land but on the small islands that are located just off shore.  There are different islands like Marie Galante, the Desirades, and the Saints. The islands of the Saints which sits about an hour away from Pointe a Pitre and only 15 minutes away, by boat, from Trois Rivieres have probably the best beaches in the world. Everything about this island spells Paradise. This island is completely isolated from all the different troubles that you can find on the main land.

It is recommend to rent a scooter for 2 people at 20 euros for the day or an electric golf cart for 4 people for around 50 euros a day to get around. You want to be able to go around and visit one beach after another because there are alot of beaches to visit. Don’t forget your snorkel gear too. IThe wateres are crystal clear and have one of the most preserved underwater wildlife in the world. The main reasons to visit The Saints is to enjoy it’s environment and its under water life, it’s beaches and it’s trails.

In order to reach the Saints from the main land Guadeloupe you will need to contact a ferry boat which are located at different harbors in different cities. For example at the Gare Maritime of Pointe a Pitre you will find Jeans for Freedom and L’Express Des Iles with only one departure a week taking persons from 2 years old through 78 years old with prices varying from 15 euros for kids and 20 for adults. Whereas in Trois Rivieres you will find multiple ferry boat operators like CTM Deher, Beatrix, which happens to be the cheapest at 16 euros for adults and free for kids 4 and under. Kids 4 though 12 pay 12 euros. Taking the ferry boat from Trois Riveres will save you time and money. There departures are more flexible too because they leave everyday and up to 3 rotations a day. 

We highly recommend going to the Saints for the day or a weekend for the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Be blown away by the authentic beauty of the preserved island. For a small price you will enjoy a real adventure that will last you a lifetime.  

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  1. Really unbelievable place. The beaches are all pristine and full of beautiful wildlife. I have been there quite a few times and always take guests that stay over to the Saints for a weekend. They really are the best beaches in the world. A must see

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