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Go Explore Guadeloupe

Go Explore Guadeloupe
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Guadeloupe has a lot of different features from its tropical lush western side called Basse Terre to it’s more arid dryer eastern side called Grande Terre. Both of these areas are full of diversity and many colorful contrasts. Most of the time the hardest part is locating the special spots because some are very well hidden and not very easily accessible. The most amazing part of driving around the island of Guadeloupe is that there is so much to see and so much to do that you almost never get bored. There are a lot of natural places to see and visit like waterfalls, hiking trails, volcano hikes, rain forest hikes that are available to everyone and are the authentic way to discover the real face of Guadeloupe. 

One of the best options to be able to discover all the best places on the island without getting lost or driving around for a long time looking for hidden spots is to go on a guided tour with a professional guide that will show you around and take you to those amazing spots. Safari Caraib Tours are specialized local tour operators that have very exciting tours that vary from volcanic hikes to driving in the country side and discovering the local surroundings. They have a wide range of outdoor activities and offer one of the best tourist services that Guadeloupe has to offer. Going on a hike for half or the full day is the best way to enjoy the beautiful tropical paradise and by experiencing the natural environment up close. 

Safari Caraib has also 2 amazing boats that are for rent for any occasion. These are not your ordinary boats either. One boat is a 10 person beautiful and elegant yacht with a beautiful design. The second boat is a cigarette speed boat for all your crazy desires and ideas. This is any man’s dream to go sport fishing behind one of these crazy boats. You should really check out the fishing tour and go out and catch your own dinner while steering around the Caribbean for a while. Renting a boat or going on a tour with Safari Carib is probably one of the best vacation activities that you can plan for. If your looking to have fun without having the hassle of driving around yourself then this is the gig for you. If you need help booking a tour or organizing an outing just contact us and we are glad to assist anyone getting a reservation or more information on this offer. 

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