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Getting Around

Getting Around
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Getting around is quite easy and hard at the same time. Although your on a island so you would think that everything is close by and not to far away, some things are not to easy to find and to get to. You can find lots of cool things close by to where your staying like places to eat and get food, and where to go to get some new things. For those quick outings you can always use the public transport system to save you money or you can choose to rent a car and go everywhere.

If you choose to rent a car you can choose to get one from just about anywhere starting from the airport when you arrive to the area where you are staying at. Chances are the cars that are available at the airport are more expensive then the ones that you can rent out more in land. Prices vary from category of cars, the grade of vehicle and the time of reservation if it’s high or low season. You can get a car anywhere from 25 euros a day to 50 euros a day and up. In the low season you can probably get a car for about 20 euros a day easily

Not all car rentals are the same and not all offer the same privileges as others. Some places are very strict on cleaning and returning the car with a full tank of gas. If you don’t follow by these rules your liable to be penalized a certain sum of money upon returning your car. We have selected a really great family owned car rental company with over 20 different cars to choose from and an outstanding quality service. We highly recommend Caraibes Auto as your car rental company of choice when coming to Guadeloupe. There cars are reliable and all brand new. They are the most flexible in terms of rules and have the best prices on the island. They have the most friendly customer service and an amazing fleet of well equipped cars for adventuring and discovering the island.  

Guadeloupe has alot of hidden secrets that are spread all over the island. The best way to visit all of these sites is with a good car. And Caraibes Auto is the car rental company to call. You can call them any time and check out there web site for more details. 

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  1. Very reliable company with an outstanding service. One of the cheapest places to rent a car on the island with the newest cars out. Highly Recommend.

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