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Getting Around Easily In Guadeloupe

Getting Around Easily In Guadeloupe
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By car, by airplane or by boat you have a lot of different and fun options to get around in Guadeloupe. It is possible to choose a different option for each one of your different adventures that you want to do around the island.

By Car

Renting and getting around by car is the simplest and easiest way of getting around in Guadeloupe. You have a great sense of liberty and freedom in your options and timing. You can rent a car from just about anywhere on the island from the airport to areas where you are staying or renting your villa. Car rental agencies are located in just about every marina, beach and city on the island. You have different price ranges depending on which vehicle you choose. Caraibes Auto in Gosier has really cheap car rental prices for short and long term rentals. I highly recommend giving them a call whenever your planning to visit Guadeloupe and they can drop the car off at the airport for you and pick the car back up from the airport as well. Really great service and great prices. 

By Bus

Your other options for getting around in Guadeloupe is using the bus system called Karulis. There big orange air conditioned buses that can take you all over the island for cheap prices. You can go from Point a Pitre to Gosier for 1.20 euros and from Point a Pitre to Saint Anne for 2.50 euros, Saint Francois 4.00 euros and so on. You can take a taxi to where your going also but the prices are that of a normal taxi fare so be aware. Then you have private drivers that can also take you around where you need to go for a small price. You can find them on ride hauling apps. 

2 Wheels

Just as in cars you have local companies that rent out scooters, bikes, motor cycles, electric scooters and other ways of transportation by two wheels. You can save a lot of time in traffic and also enjoy the view around you while you roll along. 

By Boat

Traveling by ferry boat is the cheapest way to travel to and from the different surrounding islands of Guadeloupe. You have different harbors that are located in Saint Francois, Point a Pitre and Trois Riveres that can take you to Marie Galante, The Saints, The Desirade and other islands. There really fun trips and quick too. You can enjoy the fantastic view of the Caribbean sea as well from the top of the ferry boats and take awesome pictures or footage of your trip. I highly recommend going with Val Ferry tours that have the cheapest prices for visiting these islands. 

By Plane

One of my favorite ways of getting around in Guadeloupe is by plane. What is fun to do is going site seeing in an aerial tour around the island and checking out places that you would like to visit later on by car. It also makes a great gift for someone. You can surprise a person for their birthday or just for fun and go on a beautiful aerial tour of Guadeloupe for really cheap. Prices start a 40 euros and you can visit an island and fly for about an hour for a 100 euros. I suggest going with ULM Caraibes because they have different ULM aircrafts to choose from and you get a flash drive of your adventure to take home with you. It’s a really cool gift and especially one to remember. You can locate them at the aerodrome of Saint Francois so if ever your staying in that city you should check them out and go for a spin in the sky. 

You have seen that there are a lot of choices for anyone looking for ways of getting around in Guadeloupe. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages but you should try out one of the different ways to visit other parts of the island that you can’t do other wise.


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