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Get Your Vacation Villa Rental For The Week

Get Your Vacation Villa Rental For The Week
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When most people think about renting out a vacation villa or home they often think of renting for one night or just for the weekend and letting loose for a little bit. But when your out of town and on vacation it’s a different story and you are more or less looking for better prices and better accommodations. So that’s where the vacation villa rental gets interesting. When you rent out a beautiful vacation villa for at least a week or so you end up paying for this unbelievably amazing vacation home a lot cheaper and with more options then just renting it out for one night or weekend. A lot of vacation home owners are also less likely to rent out just for one night or two. So it’s worth taking into consideration when thinking about coming to Guadeloupe and taking your vacation on the beautiful white sand beaches and swim in the warm Caribbean waters, think about getting the best bang for your buck and getting that superb vacation villa with all options. 

One of the nicest places that I have seen is the beautiful private residence called The Emeralds that has 4 identical apartments all furnished for rent with a common pool that is conveniently next to all the hottest commodities and only minutes away from all the best beaches and spots in Guadeloupe. This establishment does house rentals, car rentals, boat tours, kitchen courses and more. All you have to do is ask them about there great special offers and they will gladly show you all the different services that they have to offer.  

The Emeralds apartments are made for 2 to 4 people each and each apartment is equipped with 1 master bedroom for 2 people going for 350 euros to 450 euros a week. There are also fully equipped kitchens with a coffee machine with coffee, sugar and chocolate mix offered upon your arrival and waiting to greet you as you walk in. There is a very friendly environment and surroundings in this area. You can also find fully equipped bathrooms. There is also a very big living room where we can also find a fold out bed for 2 more people in case you have company over and need a place to crash. Very convenient. There is a common pool for the tenants of the 4 apartments along with a barbecue for anyone and everyone who is interested in throwing a party, ceremony or reception. There is also an great option if you would like for the establishment The Emeralds to organize your party or reception for you they can. 

They have different options and themes that they can offer you on special nights as in a local breakfast prepared for you in the morning along with local kitchen courses to learn some local Guadeloupean food recipes and cooking techniques, and a very special lovers night theme where we decorate the whole house for you with rose petals, candles, along with some macarons and sweet snacks with a ice cold bottle of champagne waiting for you that is for 65 euros extra. A beautiful decoration for those special moments. This has to be one of the most fully optioned villa rentals on the market here in Guadeloupe. Incredible services with an amazing environment. What else can you ask for other then to check out the establishment The Emeralds.  



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