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Get Ready For Carnival Guadeloupe 2019

Get Ready For Carnival Guadeloupe 2019
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As the new year begins, so does this years wild & crazy 2019 Carnival Guadeloupe season and with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Just like every year, the local Carnival tradition in Guadeloupe starts off with a bang, and since this morning from around 8 am, you can hear the banging and ringing of the steel and plastic drums going in and out of all the city streets letting everyone around know that the Carnival season has officially kicked off. This years season is not going to be a 4 month long show like it was last year but rather a shorter but more intense 2 to 3 month event that will change energy themes every Sunday starting from the mid afternoon until late into the night and into the early hours of the early morning. This is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year in Guadeloupe and also, mostly all of the other Caribbean nations. 

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Every country has there own Carnival culture, but in Guadeloupe it’s like a professional national sport taken as serious as any major league football championship game. There is going to be people competing and evaluating all types of criteria like floats, costumes, dance, music and anything else in between. There will also be professional people getting the costumes and gear ready for every weekly event making sure that everything is just perfect. There are different levels of intensity for every weekend show that goes by. One of the best things that I like is when you here the hundreds of bikers coming from a few miles away and then all of a sudden the hundreds of motor cycles and motor bikes come screaming down the streets trying to keep ahead of the float and in front of the mass of people while the band, dancers and others are walking along while others are riding behind the float keeping the momentum going. This is one of the biggest highlights of Caribbean life and the young generation has been raised to celebrate this time of year and even though it comes right after the Christmas holidays people are more prepared for Carnival then any other event. 

This years Carnival is set to be one of the brightest and most colorful of any other year and with a lot more media coverage from local TV stations and social media outlets. This is one of those type of events that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Even though Carnival might be later on in the year for other country’s, here in Guadeloupe it’s like the end of the year holidays never stopped and the party just got a heck of a lot better. You definitively want to come and check this out if you are ever in front of this amazing opportunity. 

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