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5 Star Vacation Rental !

Vacation Rental Classified 5 Stars Furnished Accommodation And 5 Minutes From The Town Of Moule In Guadeloupe. With Stunning Views Of The Carribean Sea And Short Walking Distance To The Beach And Private Pool. All Equipped For 2 People. This Exceptional Villa Is Located In The Coastal Town Of Moule, About 40 Minutes From The Airport. The City Of Moule Remained Traditional And Yet Protected From The Tourist Influx Of St. Francis Or St. Anne While Only Being 15 Minutes From These Two Cities Book Now !

Prestige Services !

Private Excursions and private guided tours for any one who wants to visit Guadeloupe and its surrounding islands.

Prestige Services !

Taking some clients kayaking and doing a guided tour with them. Really good times. Great kayak adventure.

PPK Diving Guadeloupe !

Awesome Ship Wreck In The Malendure Bay in Bouillant Guadeloupe. Lots Of Sea Life With Sea Turtles and lots of fish. Great Dive And Place To Visit In Guadeloupe

Ulm Plane Rentals !

Go Site Seeing With ULM Caribbean Plane Rentals. Amazingly Low Rates And One Of The Best Activities To Do In Guadeloupe.

Alizee Diving !

Alizee Diving Is One Of The Best Diving Centers On The Island Of Guadeloupe. They Know The Best And Hidden Secret Spots To Go To In Guadeloupe And In The Caribbean Sea.

Alizee Diving !

Most beautiful aquatic life in the Caribbean waters of Guadeloupe. In the National Park and Reserve Cousteau in Guadeloupe you will find amazing see life full of beauty and colors. Alizee Diving can take you to the best dive spots

Guadeloupe Diving Evasion !

Welcome to Guadeloupe Diving Evasion with Philippe aka Piou. You will discover a much more fun and especially friendly way to dive !

Amazing Excursions Vert Intense !

Amazing Activities And Excursions. Go Hiking, Site Seeing, Plan And Organise Your Vaction All Inclusive Excursions With Vert Intense. You Can Go Whale Watching And They Even Have Vacation Villas For Rent On The Basse Terre And On The Islands Of The Saints. Tours from all inclusive, water activities, land activities, canyoning so let us take care and plan out your vacation activities for you. Check out our web site for the full list of activities. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal. Book Now !

Prestige Services !

Private Excursions and guided tours for any one who wants to visit Guadeloupe and its surrounding islands.

Prestige Services !

Guided Tour of the lagoons and mangroves in Guadeloupe with clients that are extremely happy.

PPK Diving Guadeloupe !

The Ship Wreck Gustave In The Malendure Bay in Bouillante Guadeloupe. Get To Diving And See This Awesome Reef Up Close With This Great Dive Team.

Ulm Plane Rentals !

Island Hopping With ULM Caribbean Plane Rentals And Guided Site Seeing Tours. Beautiful Islands Surrounding Guadeloupe.

Alizee Diving !

Beautiful Coral Reef Diving And Ship Wreck Dives. This is the most amazing dive that I have done since I came to Guadeloupe. There’s just so much to see in the Caribbean waters of Guadeloupe!

Secret Beach !

Unbelievably beautiful beach and wonderful weather perfect for outdoor activities. Out here we are sweating and getting ready for some hot fun in the sun!

Guadeloupe Diving Evasion !

Beautiful ship wreck diving with Guadeloupe Diving Evasion. We will take you to the best ship wrecks.

The Saints Vert Intense !

The Saints, an archipelago of islands of the coast of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Sea. Your vacation villa is 20 meters above sea level. The terrace offers a splendid view of the Bay of Terre de Haut, ranked second most beautiful bay in the world. We have a lot of tours, all inclusive, water activities, land activities so let us take care and plan out your vacation activities for you. Check out our web site for the full list of activities. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal Book Now !

Secret Beach !

Secret path that takes you to a secret beach behind one of Guadeloupe's famous beaches. Not a lot of people know about it and you should come visit

Prestige Services !

Me on a trip to the zoo and feeding the beautiful fish. A great experience.

PPK Diving Guadeloupe !

Get Your First Diving Experience And Discover The Natural Reserve Cousteau With Our Diving Guides In Bouillante Guadeloupe.

Ulm Plane Rentals !

Go On A Once In A Lifetime Adventure With ULM Caribbean And Visit Guadeloupe, The Saints, Marie Galante, The Desiraide, Ile Caret And More.

Alizee Diving !

Alizee Diving is diving in the natural reserve Cousteau in Guadeloupe named after the famous explorer. These sea turtle rich waters are an awesome place to go swimming with wild and peaceful marine life

Alizee Diving !

Alizee Diving takes you through the crystal clear Caribbean waters in Guadeloupe for an amazing journey. Come and see all this marine life

Guadeloupe Diving Evasion !

Guadeloupe Diving Evasion takes you on another ship wreck dive full of amazing marine life

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Photo Gallery

Here You Will Find All The Latest Photos Of Life In Guadeloupe! We Will Take You On The Adventure With Us And Show You Different Places To Visit Through Our Photo Gallery.

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  • Caraibe Parachutisme

    Go for a Sky Dive over Guadeloupe

  • Karukera Land

    Take a look at one of Guadeloupe’s 1st theme parks.

  • Investment

    Take a look at the real estate opportunities that are available to anyone looking to get rent income and start making money after 5 to 7 years

  • Restaurants

    Good Food Great View and amazing Service !

  • Excursion

    Check out a really fun time with a boat tour of the mangrove.

  • Culture

    Get a first look at great, traditional Caribbean style culture. People that still have a good old fashioned way of seeing things and always trying to see the good side of things.

  • Canyoning

    Look at all the amazing places that Guadeloupe has to offer.

  • Beauport

    This site is full of history from over the hundreds of years of import and export of the sugar and rum trade

  • King Papyrus

    Take a trip to the island of Caret, a small island lined with white sand lost on the Barrier Reef

  • Patou Excursions

    Patou Excursions around Petite Terre and Marie Galante. Swim in a natural aquarium. Great for couples and for families. Depart from Saint Francois Every Day.

  • Guadeloupe Kayaking

    Kayaking and Mangrove Site Seeing

  • Terrathely 5 Star Villa

    Rental, classified furnished accommodation 5 stars, 5 minutes from the town of Moule in Grande Terre, with stunning views of the sea,walking distance from the beach and private pool. All equiped for 2 people. Groceries stores nearby. This exceptional villa is located in the coastal town of Moule, about 40 minutes from the airport. The city of Moule remained traditional and yet protected from the tourist influx of St. Francis or St. Anne while only being 15 minutes from these two cities.

  • Diving and Whale Watching

    Since 30 years Les Heures Saines tries hard to stay pioneer and innovator in diving in Guadeloupe like in the diversity of the diving spots in Bouillante. Thanks to our new boat, Les Heures Saines proposes daily sea trips on the national Park and at the same time, two-tanks-dive along the leeward shore.

  • Vert Intense

    Aquatic Hiking, diving, fishing, kayaking, Whale Watching and Canyoning

  • Noa Diving

    We have a wide range of extraordinary dive sites: Bench of Vessels, Petite-Terre Nature Reserve, Pointe des Chateaux and Désirade. Unforgettable dives await you in the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

  • Paragliding Guadeloupe

    Take a two-seater paragliding tour with a qualified professional. For the less adventurous, you can embark with a 20-minute flight over the coast of the Moule or 35 minutes of general paragliding that lets you to see the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marine and Soufrière

  • Museum Memorial Acte

    he Guadeloupe Regional Council has built the MEMORIAL ACT, a Caribbean Center of the Expression and Memory of the Slavery & the Slave Trade in Pointe à Pitre, in the former Darboussier factory. Through knowledge, culture and creation, it is a means by which the local authorities can contribute towards healing the wounds of a past which has greatly impacted the lives of not only the Guadeloupean society, but also the Caribbean and American societies.

  • Safari Caraibe Adventure

    Live the adventure in Guadeloupe! 4×4 all terrain, go with the legendary Land Rover for one, two or three days of exploration in the heart of nature and Guadeloupe culture. Rain-forest, warm water rivers

  • Zip Lining

    Visiting Guadeloupe then come over and discover the adventure park of accrobranche The Tapeur in Guadeloupe, located in the heart of the tropical forest of Bouillante, in front of the Zoo Park of Mammals towards Pointe-Noire right on the main road of the crossing.

  • Glass Bottom Boat

    From the pontoon at Malendure Beach, the New Nautilus glass bottom boat will take you to the Pigeon Islands and the Cousteau Reserve in just 5 minutes. Visit and explore the underwater world of the Cousteau Reserve then go swimming 30 minutes in clear and warm water, free swimming and unsupervised

  • Kayak Guadeloupe

    Check out all the fun there is to do in Guadeloupe with Kayak Guadeloupe.

  • Vacation Villa Blue Lagoon

    The Villa Blue Lagoon Saint-François is a beautiful villa with private pool an amazing view. It has 3 bedrooms with a total of 7 people maximum.

  • Canyon Guadeloupe

    Unbelievable beautiful undersea wildlife that will take your breath away. Go diving for ship wrecks and coral reefs ! 

  • Center International Diving

    2 dive boats with 20 divers each, comfortable and equipped with all standard security equipment. All our dive spots are located in the National Park of Guadeloupe.

  • Botanical Gardens

    The Botanical Garden of Deshaies is located on a property of 7 hectares, having belonged to the humorist Coluche. He had bought the property in 1979. It is to the previous owner, Guy Blandin that we owe some species of rare plants present in the botanical park. Unfortunately, a large part of these plants disappeared after hurricane Hugo in 1989.

  • Kayak


  • Diving

    One of the most amazing activities to do in Guadeloupe! Diving !

  • Bungalows Rentals

    Check out these wonderful bungalows on the hill side of Bouillante.

  • Blue Lagoon Boat Rentals

    Blue Lagoon Boat Rentals & Excursions. Rent Boats and Guided Tours also

  • Alizee Diving

    Great diving off the coast of the Reserve Cousteau

  • Guadeloupe Diving Evasion

    Located near the hot springs of Bouillante, the base will welcome you every day from 9h to 18h.

  • Domaine De Severin

    Comfortably seated on board the Little -Train, take the time to browse the Estate, its distillery, its garden, its House of the Habitation (former home of Henri Marsolle) and its fields of sugar cane. Enjoy a stop to contemplate the panoramic view of the mountains and the great cul de sac marin.

  • Outdoor Activities and Dive center

    SEA, MANGROVE & ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS WORKSHOP. Outdoor activities that will introduce your children to the sensations of the underwater environment (wearing a lifejacket) and land to discover the fauna and flora with Fred & Angela.

  • Diving

    Great area to check out and go diving.

  • Guadeloupe Advisor

    Guadeloupe Advisor is an online tour reservation and booking portal, connecting travelers with tourism service providers in the Guadeloupe Islands. From Basse-Terre to Grande-Terre, from Les Saintes to La Désirade, we promote the best Tours, Tickets, Activities, Excursions & Things To Do. We are fully committed to provide the best service to our clients, in both English and French. 

  • Easy Kite

    This sport is also called kite, surf kite or flysurf. It attracts more and more practitioners each year because it requires very little physical effort. It is open to an audience of 9 to 60 years old.

  • Different Views From Pointe a Pitre

    Check out some cool spots in downtown Pointe a Pitre

  • Canopee Canyon Guadeloupe

    Canyoning is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming

  • Kayaking

    Take a journey through the mangroves of Guadeloupe by Kayak.

Going To The Saints

Taking the ferry boat from the harbor Trois Rivieres to The Saints only 20 minutes away. Its really quick and easy to take the ferry boat in Guadeloupe and visit all the different islands that surround Guadeloupe. There are really cheap prices too.

Visiting Point A Pitre

Follow Our YouTube Channel And Get All The Latest Videos Like Our How To Videos And Site Seeing Vacation Videos So You Can See First Hand Whats It's Like Here And You'll Know What To Do When Visiting Guadeloupe

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