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Check out all the local events that are up and coming in Guadeloupe. Feel free to come and join and celebrate in the festivals that are scheduled. 


Check out the local Events



Get to know more of Guadeloupe by participating in the local events and see for yourself the incredible things that there is to do. You will be amazed by the generosity of the people who will go out of their way to please you and make you time spent here the best ever.

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Thanks to our local Partners, you can also participate in their events and see for yourself firsthand how people here celabrate and let loose.

Get to see the local traditional way of doing things and be included in the local activities. Get to know our Members






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  • King Papyrus

    Take a trip to the island of Caret, a small island lined with white sand lost on the Barrier Reef

  • Canyon Guadeloupe

    Unbelievable beautiful undersea wildlife that will take your breath away. Go diving for ship wrecks and coral reefs ! 

  • Diving

    One of the most amazing activities to do in Guadeloupe! Diving !

  • Investment

    Take a look at the real estate opportunities that are available to anyone looking to get rent income and start making money after 5 to 7 years

  • Kayak Guadeloupe

    Check out all the fun there is to do in Guadeloupe with Kayak Guadeloupe.

  • Diving

    Great area to check out and go diving.

  • Restaurants

    Good Food Great View and amazing Service !

  • Outdoor Activities and Dive center

    SEA, MANGROVE & ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS WORKSHOP. Outdoor activities that will introduce your children to the sensations of the underwater environment (wearing a lifejacket) and land to discover the fauna and flora with Fred & Angela.

  • Vert Intense

    Aquatic Hiking, diving, fishing, kayaking, Whale Watching and Canyoning

  • Guadeloupe Diving Evasion

    Located near the hot springs of Bouillante, the base will welcome you every day from 9h to 18h.

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I had the amazing chance to go airplane site seeing over saint francois. What a spectacular view of the bay and the land. Really a once in a life time opportunity. Really fun time

Eddie Holt

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