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Diving In Guadeloupe National Park & Reserve

Diving In Guadeloupe National Park & Reserve
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When ever your visiting the “Cote sous le vent” as they say here in Guadeloupe (which translates to the coast under the wind) you can always be amazed by the real beauty and ruggedness of this luxurious green landscape. There are quite a few beautiful natural sites to go around and visit and discover on this part of the island and if you like wild adventures you are going to love the city of Bouillante and it’s beach called Malendure. This is where the famous marine biologist and sailor Jaques Cousteau made anchor back in the 50’s and 60’s and discovered the richness and unique bio diversity of the Pigeon Islands which are also called the Cousteau Reserve.

This magnificent pristine and tranquil bay is full of aquatic marine life that is unique to this area and some species are specifically adapted to this island. This is one of the best bay’s in Guadeloupe and in the world to go diving in and get to see all the different marine life especially the different species of sea turtles. I have visited the Malendure bay and beach many times before and have done many excursions to the Cousteau Reserve but nothing beats going diving and seeing what you can’t see above water.


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Alize Diving has a solid reputation for going to the best dive spots on the island of Guadeloupe and for taking there time to really guide you and show you and authentic piece of this beautiful natural place. They have special beginner courses for those of you who have never really dived but have always wanted to. This has to be the best place to try out your first experience diving because it’s perfect due to it’s shallow waters and crystal clear visibility. You can see for dozens of feet in front of you and enjoy all the sea life that is around you from different species of sea turtles and sea snakes (non venomous) to a wide variety of coral reef fish.

What I like about Alize Diving is that you can really have a great choice of different dive spots to choose from if you want to dive multiple times from turquoise lagoons or bays scattered around the island. They have the most competitive prices that I have seen also which allows you to have more fun with multiple dives if you want to schedule other diving tours with them. It changes from the ordinary view that every one has already had or seen of Guadeloupe with it’s beautiful nature and mountain side but a lot of people forget or just don’t realize the richness of the undersea marine life of Guadeloupe’s waters.


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Taking a vacation in Guadeloupe is always a relaxing time and when your swimming in the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea you can’t help but look down and notice a whole universe of life just below your eyes. That’s why it is really a must to at least go for a true underwater adventure and really experience the true peacefulness of nature. This is where you can come and admire the place where not to many humans come into contact with these kind animals and you really come to appreciate them.

That’s why I like taking diving tours with Alize Diving when I want to go for a aquatic adventure or a water activity on my day off. It’s such a relief knowing that all I have to do is come here and all the normal equipment is already here ready for me to use and all I have to do is just show up on time and enjoy my dive. Everything I need to prepare and organize for my trip is already at their offices ready for any dive team to go out and discover some cool undersea ship wrecks. The waters in Malendure Beach have a lot of history and the sea bed can attest.

So if ever your in Bouillante and your on the beach of Malendure gazing at the Cousteau Reserve think about all the wildlife that is underneath all that water an then think about checking out Alize Diving for an underwater sea adventure that will be well worth it.

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