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Diving In Bouillante

Diving In Bouillante
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Diving in Bouillante is a very special and unique experience. Bouillante is a coastal city of the western part of the island of Guadeloupe. It is a sleepy, vacation town mixed of local tradition and lots of different touristic activities like kayaking, snorkeling and diving. This beautiful, tropical, picturesque town is squeezed between the active volcano The Soufirere and the unbelievably lush tropical forest beach with it’s natural park and the Reserve Cousteau. This wild and protected area attracts world wide recognition for it’s outstanding biodiversity and it’s ultra preservation of it’s unique wildlife. It attracts people for all walks of life that enjoy spending most of their time enjoying nature and doing physical activities. 

One of the most exciting aquatic activities to do while on Malendure beach in Bouillante is to go diving. Diving has to be one of the best ways to discover this beautiful bay along with the National Park, the Pigeon Islands and The Cousteau Reserve. This magical, natural place makes this protected marine area a unique vacation spot for anyone looking for authenticity and eco-friendly vacation activities to do. PPK Diving is one of the first and best diving centers that offer really amazing underwater diving tours that will take you on an exploration of sunken ship wrecks that are now thriving coral reefs. Discover the real authentic, natural beauty of Guadeloupe which is located just a few meters under water. 

PPK Diving has the best diving tours that are available in this location. With the different ship wrecks in the area along with the amazing faun and flora you are for sure going to have an unforgettable experience. There are so many different types of sea turtles, sea snakes (non venomous) lion fish, and so many other species that are all protected in this special national park called the Cousteau Reserve. You can go for one or multiple different dives but if you have never went diving before then I would suggest taking this opportunity while you are on vacation in Guadeloupe to go for a once in a life time opportunity and go diving in Malendure Beach in Bouillante with PPK Diving. They have the best tours that are the most adapted to beautiful under water site seeing sights that will leave you with full of memories. Do what others don’t usually do and take a ride under the sea and check out the under water wildlife the Guadeloupe is known for. 

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity and check out the diving center PPK Diving Center and if you need help making a reservation, let travel2guadeloupe.com help organize your next vacation to Guadeloupe. 

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