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Discover Guadeloupe Through Hikes And Off Roading

Discover Guadeloupe Through Hikes And Off Roading
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One of the best ways to really experience the authentic local life when on vacation in an unfamiliar but beautiful area, you go discovering! Vacations aren’t all about laying around the sun or shade not doing anything. Sometimes you have to go out and live life a little in order to get a real feel for things. That’s why I say you should go on an outdoor hike or excursion when your visiting an area that is well suited for this type of activity. Sometimes we don’t take the time to really enjoy ourselves to the fullest when we can, instead of just laying on the sand of some beautiful beach. Once in a while it feels good to go out on an adventure and go discover a place that you don’t know, have never been too, and probably will never see again in your life.

Otantik Tours invites you to think outside the box and discover Guadeloupe in a friendly atmosphere and by small groups to better communicate with the local population. They go through the banana plantations, sugar cane fields, lush thick rain forest vegetation and beautiful beaches. You will discover the island of adventure under all of it’s different facets. This tour is full of practical information so you can take advantage of their experiences and ask as many questions as you want. A very important thing to do is not to forget to take a camera that’s waterproof , sunscreen, towel and swimsuit because you are in for a full adventure when your with Otantik Tours. They have many different wild and adventurous tours that can take you from the thick and humid rain forests to the crater of the active volcano called The Soufriere. 

With there many years of experience they have a long history of guiding tours and showing people who are visiting Guadeloupe where to go for an amazing outdoor excursion. The great thing about Otantik Tours is that they have these really big 4 x 4 trucks that they use to go off roading with and really take you deep in to the country in spots that you couldn’t get to otherwise. This is really great for a family where kids need to sit down and enjoy the ride and for the older people too where walking up and down hill is not to comfortable for them. Here you are in the comfort of a well protected vehicle going around to all the best places to visit along your chosen tour. They have many different choices to choose from being that the island of Guadeloupe is quite different from one side to the other. You can choose whether to visit the northern part of the territory with is rugged and dry landscape and flatter then the southern part of the island where the volcano sits at. 

I highly recommend doing a outdoor excursion when you on vacation or just visiting Guadeloupe with Otantik Tours. It is really worth getting a authentic feel and understanding of Guadeloupe’s unique and vibrant environment. There are so many places to visit and routes that will take you to many different places but the best choice is by at least choosing one to do. One that will give you a feel of adventure and memories that will last with you for a lifetime. There prices vary from 45 euros for half day tours and 88 euros for full day tours. This is the best way to breath in the local culture and experience a beautiful natural experience with people who will show you what others rarely see. Go on a virtual tour of Otantik Tours pictures and live the experience of a lifetime. 

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