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Take A Vacation In The Saints

The archipelago of The Saints has to be one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. This is a little known island of about 15 square miles of sheer rugged beauty and peacefulness. This special tiny island has a long and unique history. It is only attached to the Guadeloupe mainland administratively. It […]

Hiking To The Volcano The Soufriere

Hiking to and on the volcano the Soufriere is an amazing experience. This is a world class site with an outstanding lush flora full of vibrant life. This protected environment is well preserved and is part of Guadeloupe’s culture and heritage. Lots of islanders forget that there is an active volcano on the island and that it is still […]

Moule’s Vacation Spots

During the first half of the 19th century with its numerous refineries and plantations, at first about 30, then about 100, the planters lived a self-sufficient lifestyle farming sugar cane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, spices and other essential food products, thus dominating Guadeloupean economics during the 1850s. After that, they experienced many financial collapses because of […]

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