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Kayaking To The Cousteau Reserve

The beautiful western coastline of Guadeloupe is called locally the “Coast under the wind”. There are lots of beautiful natural places to visit with a lot of history in this tropical area. One of those cities is Bouillante, literally translates to “Boiling” with it’s natural geothermal heating process, is a spectacular place squeezed in between […]

Hiking To The Volcano The Soufriere

Hiking to and on the volcano the Soufriere is an amazing experience. This is a world class site with an outstanding lush flora full of vibrant life. This protected environment is well preserved and is part of Guadeloupe’s culture and heritage. Lots of islanders forget that there is an active volcano on the island and that it is still […]

New Nonstop Guadeloupe Flights From Norwegian Airlines

New Nonstop Guadeloupe Flights From Norwegian Airlines   Norwegian airlines, the low-cost European carrier is launching a new route to the French Caribbean this fall making a lot easier to travel to Guadeloupe. Starting this October, Norwegian airlines will have a full rotation of three weekly nonstop flights between Canada, Montreal and Guadeloupe. The flights […]

Going Back In Time With The Edgar-Clerc Museum In Moule

The departmental museum of archeology Ameridian, the museum Edgar-Clerc, offers an incursion to the time of the first men who populated the territory of Guadeloupe. “We really have a museum implanted in an important landscape environment,” explains Isabelle Gabriel, public director at the Edgar-Clerc Museum in Moule. Even before entering the building we are surrounded […]

Go On A Sugar Cane And Rum Tour

Why not explore Guadeloupe on an ultimate full-day private tour? Experience island life through the eyes of a local as you visit Grande-Terre, with its white sand beaches, urban centers and sugar cane fields. Or you can visit Basse-Terre, a pristine land of mountains, with a volcano, rain forest terrain with lots of rivers and waterfalls. Immerse […]

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