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Carbet Water Falls

Carbet Water Falls
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The Water falls of Carbet are three waterfalls produced by the Carbet.


They are located in the town of Capesterre-Belle-Eau of Basse-Terre in the Guadeloupe National Park, in the rainforest at the foot of the volcano Soufriere.

In 1493, Christopher Columbus describes them in his logbook, The island of Caloucaera “Karukera”  the name given by the Caribbean people “the island of the beautiful waters”  was renamed “Santa Maria de Guadalupe of Estremadura”, to honor a promise he had given that he would name an island with the name of their monastery.

They are one of the most visited sites on the island with about 400 000 visitors a year.

The first fall, the highest, is 115 meters high and is reached by a long steep path. The source of Carbet is located two kilometers upstream of it, at 1300 meters altitude.

From the top of its 110 meters, the second fall is the most touristic of the three, because of its accessibility. It is joined by a concrete path and very well laid out. The last fall is 20 meters high. Only experienced hikers can enjoy this fall which has the highest flow of Guadeloupe.

As a result from the 2004 earthquake, hundreds of cubic meters of rock broke loose from the wall of the second fall. The authorities have since had, for obvious security reasons, banned access to the foot of the fall and the bridge located just downstream of the fall. The torrential rains of 2005 did nothing to fix the problem, making the terrain even more unstable.

The same is true for the third fall. The final part of the trail was carried away by a landslide so the fall is therefore no longer visible at all and the access to the fall is now prohibited by a 2008 municipal decree.

The basin of Falls 1 and 2 of Carbet no longer exists because of a landslide due to the rains in November 2009.

Since 2007 and the signature of a delegation of public service, you now have to pay to have access to the falls of Carbet.


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