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Best Tips On Discovering The National Park Of Guadeloupe

Best Tips On Discovering The National Park Of Guadeloupe
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From sea to land, the incredible richness of Guadeloupe is available for all to see and enjoy who can respect it. With that being said that does not mean that this unique environment is without danger. Most people that come on vacation or visit the savage wilderness of Guadeloupe underestimate it’s potential dangers. In order to really fully enjoy each area that you wish to visit you have to take in consideration certain security measures. This will allow you to really be able to benefit from all the wonderful and unique experiences that you would like to live out in Guadeloupe. Follow this guide line that we have put together for you and you will get a better understanding of this beautiful environment that needs respect and protection. 

Diving And Aquatic Adventures

Before you throw yourself overboard and decide to go scuba diving, snorkeling or any thing else marine related, there are a few environmental and safety rules that you have to get to know first. Starting by Not throwing your anchor on to the coral reefs or on any plant life. You should not throw anything overboard for any reason into the tranquil and protected waters. You should check all your pressure gauges and regulators for safety precautions and anomalies before adventuring into sea. You are prohibited of using long fins for swimming and gloves that can harm the fragile plant life.

If your looking for dive teams that can take you diving in this beautiful area i would suggest looking at PPk Diving, Alize Diving, Guadeloupe Plongee Evasion or Noa Diving. They are well suited to show you the best dive spots on the island. 

guadeloupe national park

While Diving

While your in the water do not sit or stand on the sea floor. You have to be able to know how control yourself and float in the water if you want to take pictures or film. Even though the sea floor is only a few feet away from you, you should avoid coming in to contact with it and risk destroying the plant life that has a hard time developing in these shallow waters. When paddling though the waters be very careful not to break any corals with your paddle or fins. You are not allowed to take any marine plant or animal life with you, dead or alive.

Everything you see is to be kept where it is and the environment is completely protected. You are not allowed to feed any of the animals or to touch any of them either. You have to respect there peacefulness and observe them as they are. Try not to swim to close to the shores and avoid any contact with the sea floor. Of course after your visit you must leave with any trash that you may have made while your trip. 

It is not allowed to travel internationally with any type of coral dead or alive so it’s not suggested to by any at the local gift shops or at the local markets. They have been taken from their habitat illegally and are illegal to buy, sell and travel with in order to protect the environment. 

guadeloupe national park

Hiking Adventures

Choose a hiking trail that is well within your athletic limits. Progression is very difficult in the tropical terrain of the rain forest of Guadeloupe. A lot of trails are sporting trails that are usually reserved and made for very fit sporting people. If you are not capable of going out hiking on your own you should call a mountain guide or excursion team and go on a mountain or volcano guided tour.

There are lots of different hiking adventure agencies in Guadeloupe and each one has it’s own special routes and different trails that they take. You have Otantik Tours, Vert Intense, Canyon Guadeloupe, and Carib Safari just to name a few that have many years of experience in this vast jungle. These tours usually start in the early morning and either end a 1 pm if you choose a half day guided tour or at 5 pm if you choose a full day tour. Prices range from 40 euros to 90 euros. 

Before each trail there is a notification sign indicating the level of intensity and duration of the hike. You should get information on the weather before going out hiking. Be wary of unofficial news sources on social media so make sure to check the local national radar system or local weather station. Bring an extra change of clothes and wear warm clothes with a water proof rain jacket when hiking up the mountains. Never start a hike after 3:30 pm for the night falls quickly in Guadeloupe especially under the rain forest canopy.

guadeloupe national park

While Hiking

You should never go hiking alone but if you do you should have a fully charged cell phone with you and always tell someone where you are going and what route your taking. Do not go hiking with an empty stomach too. You should bring some nutritious snacks full of energy for you to snack on all along the way. Not to forget a bottle of water usually between 1 to 2 liters per person is enough. 

During your hike you should stay on your designated trail and not stray off course. Try not to look for or take a shortcut because it might do the opposite and lead you away from your destination. Always keep your eye on the weather. You can spot some early signs of danger when you see leaves floating on the top of the river water announcing a sudden surge in water volume and intensity due to rain falling on top of the mountain.

If the water does rise your are supposed to get to high ground and wait it out and then proceed to exit from where you are. Be careful for any slip and falls. These hikes are very slippery in the thick and sticky mud and wet grasses so falling down is going to happen often. As for the rules for the marine life the same goes for the land animals and plants while your hiking. You are not allowed to take anything with you. All plant and animal life is protected and illegal to take.  

With this guide you should be able to enjoy yourself in this beautiful savage land and discover the best parts of Guadeloupe. 


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