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Beautiful Coastal City Of Moule

Beautiful Coastal City Of Moule
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The Moule is pronounced Moul in Guadeloupian Creole and is a French city that is located in the north eastern Atlantic coast region of Guadeloupe that is mainly a agricultural and tourist area. The city center is located on the left bank of the Audouin River and on the right bank of the Audouin River is the beach and the district of l’Autre Bord. Further east, the city center is bounded by the North-West Ravine, leading to the North West Bay.

The city is crossed on a north-west / south-east axis by two main streets, rue Saint-Jean and boulevard Rouge and going east of the city center, the Lucette Michaux-Chevry Maritime Boulevard leads to the towns of Morne-a-L’eau, Petit-Canal, Les Abymes and Pointe-a-Pitre. The climate is tropical savanna type with dry winter. The winter is dry and cooler, while the summer is wet and warmer. The town is exposed to the trade winds, coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The hurricane season runs from June to November. The town takes its name from the pier which means ‘a pier protecting the harbor entrance’. The Moule hosted residences of the colonial aristocracy in the early eighteenth century. Throughout its history, the city has suffered numerous fires, earthquakes and cyclones. 

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Historical Monuments

  • The church Saint-Jean-Baptiste was built in 1850, then restored in 1930-1932 and 1990, respectively following hurricanes Okeechobee and Hugo and was classified as a historical monument in 1978. Some elements of the church like the sacristy, bell tower, presbytery were built by the architect Ali Tur between 1930 and 1932.
    In addition to the religious elements, two schools the girls ‘school and boys’ schools have also been built on the plans of Ali Tur.
  • The Town Hall was built in reinforced concrete between October 28, 1926 and June 26, 1927. The plans of the town hall were drawn by the engineer Lecardez and the work was executed by the Anonymous Company of Industrial Enterprises of Guadeloupe.
  • The  Colonial house of Zevallos which was built by kit in the workshops of Gustave Eiffel and transported by boat to the Moule. His plans are identical to his “twin”, the Saint-John-Perse home in Pointe-a-Pitre. It was classified as a historical monument in 1990.
  • The Neron sugar estate, which still houses a colonial house, hosting art exhibitions and cultural events.
    Many old settlements, with varying states of conservation as well as old mills that are used to grind and process cane are still present on the territory of the city. Most are archaeological sites protected by prefectural decree. Examples include the Saint-Guillaume mill, the Creuilly mill and dwelling, the Maudet mill, the Durival mill, the Sommabert mill, the Saint-Alary house, the Blanchard mill, the Dulot house, the Vipart house, the English mill, the Mahaudiere distillery, the Chassaing factory, the Port-Blanc house, the La Baie house, the Moulin Bois-David, the Sergent mill, the Audoin mill, the Roma dwelling, the Morel mill, the Gavaudiere mill, the Salmon mill, the Gouyer mill, the Bellemare mill and the Alleaume mill to name a few.
  • The old fort and the battery of guns, which served to protect the city from the assaults of the English fleet, are still present in the town.
  • The Edgar Clerc Archaeological Museum and the Rosette Landscape Park were built by architect Jack Berthelot and inaugurated on August 4, 1984. The museum houses a permanent collection of pre-Columbian objects, some of which have been uncovered on the territory of the commune.
  • The beach of Anse Sainte-Marguerite and the old cemetery of slaves. In 1995 and 1996, following hurricanes Luis and Marilyn old human bones were exposed by the waves. Archaeological excavations will uncover 300 burials, but it is estimated that more than 1,000 bodies are under sand. The bodies are all of African origin and the site would be one of the largest slave cemeteries discovered in the world.
  • The old lemonade factory, near the historic port, has been transformed into a Wisosky area, a place of relaxation and restoration.
  • The Damoiseau distillery was built at the end of the 19th century and is the only distillery still operating in Grande-Terre.
  • The Gardel sugar factory and the bagasse-coal thermal power plant


moule guadeloupe

Natural Sites

  • The beaches of the town run from North to South and here are a list of the main beaches and best view points. Anse Sainte-Marguerite, the Petite Anse, Anse Patate, the beach of the North-West Bay, the beach of Damencourt, Petite Anse (in the village), the beach of l’Autre Bord, the beach of Alizes, the beach of dolphins and Pointe Conchou, the Porte d’Enfer.
  • The two rivers, the North West Gully, whose mangrove you can explore by foot, and the Audouin River, which can be discovered by canoeing and kayaking.The landscaped park of Damencourt, a small mangrove area designed for the discovery of this declining environment.
  • Les Grands-Fonds is a vast interior area that is covered with hills, gullies and forests in  different places.
  • The archaeological park Ouatibi-Tibi which means frog in Caribbean language is in the continuity of the beach of Alizes, by the sea, and is arranged for the discovery of the Caribbean culture and the practice of outdoor sports.


moule guadeloupe


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