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All Inclusive Excursions In Guadeloupe

All Inclusive Excursions In Guadeloupe
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When your going on vacation to Guadeloupe or just staying on the island for a while you can’t help but stare and gaze at the country side and escape mentally to a secluded refuge far away from where you are at the present moment. There is a lot of advantages when your living on this beautiful and savage island, always being not to far from a perfect getaway and going back to nature for a refuel or spiritual check up from time to time. Knowing that the idea in itself of going out side and enjoying your self is a good one, you have to remember that going out hiking for an adventure in to the wilderness takes a few measures of precaution and you need to be prepared for some certain eventualities. That is why it is always good to be either really prepared for everything that you would like to do, or choose to go with a tour local operator in Guadeloupe who has many years of experience in the rugged terrain of this back country and knows the exact spots where you would want to go. See what I mean?


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I’m not saying that you can’t go visit Guadeloupe on your own and see the beautiful waterfalls, mountains and the volcano La Soufriere. The thing is, it’s better when a tour guide or tour agency can help you get organised and prepare for your outdoor activity while you have a great time with other people that will be on the same adventure as you into the vast country and national park and see the authentic island of adventure. Guadeloupe is full of isolated and secluded lagoons, mangroves and white sand beaches, but there’s another beautiful contrast to this Caribbean island, with is it’s lush rain forest, diverse plantation fields and plentiful of great outdoor activities to do.

Safari Caraib is one of the wildest and best outdoor excursions operators to go with if your looking for a truly sensational time while having fun discovering the rivers, canyons and country side of Guadeloupe. The Basse Terre side of Guadeloupe is the whole western side of the island that is dominated by rugged, mountainous landscape, with wild rivers, canyons, and an active volcano sitting in the middle to finish it all off. So all around this diverse area from the north Dehaies to the south Basse terre and every town in between Safari Carib can take you and your family and show you first hand what the authentic life of Guadeloupe is all about. From the plantation fields to Rum tours you can also spend your day driving around from one area to another discovering different traditional facets of this unique culture. 


excursion guadeloupe

One of my favorite activities to do in Guadeloupe or wild excursions to go on is taking a volcano tour that goes through the day and usually starts in the morning and ends in the afternoon and that costs about 80 euros to do. Its something that I like to do with my family but especially my 9 year old daughter because it it something that we can share together and that she can also gain confidence in herself by doing. Not only that, but it is really awesome discovering Guadeloupe through a different angle and enjoying different activities and most certainly having the choice to choose from. Guadeloupe allows us to be creative with ourselves and to do a lot of outdoor activities that ranges from hiking, 4 x 4 tours and discover hidden rivers that are well in land or up towards the crater of the volcano. 

Safari Caraib has a lot of choices and I take my time to really enjoy myself when I’m doing one of there awesome outdoor excursions in Guadeloupe. Even though I’ve been living here for a while I always learn something new and go somewhere that I never been to before even though it’s not that far away from my house. It’s all that genuine experience that makes the difference in Guadeloupe and Safari Caraib has that. I was very happy to see all the safety equipment and mountain material they have and use for each one of there excursions. More then I can ever get or prepare for, and without all these tools you won’t be able to really enjoy all the rock climbing, canyon slides, river rapid passages and up hill hiking to the volcano. All the safety equipment is kind of necessary and knowing that your not on your own is reassuring too. So when I want to go out with the family on different excursions, water or land activities in Guadeloupe I know who I can always go to Safari Caraib


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