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5 Cities Of South Grand Terre

5 Cities Of South Grand Terre
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In this article you will get to know the 5 major cities that make up the south Grand Terre of Guadeloupe. This part of the island is where you will find the best beaches of Guadeloupe, the biggest community of this side of the island, and the main cultural figure of Guadeloupe with it’s 500 hundred years of history. This is where there is the most populated areas and the most amount of urban areas. 

The Abymes

This major city is home to a grand center place that is surrounded by different cultural and administrative buildings and brings together all walks of different styles of artistic architecture in one Place. You can find a cultural monument dedicated to the deceased, the old and new City Hall’s and in front of those City Halls you can find a middle school with a lot of people passing around this area. This is an area with a lot of people living in and around the main center.

The Gosier

The islet of Gosier is a historic monument in itself. Anchored at about only 300 yards from the shore line and the downtown area of Gosier, it preserves an old American Indian Village. It also housed a light house and it’s keepers but the keepers have moved away thanks to the automation of the lighthouse. Today this islet beach hot spot is a well preserved wooded place with one of the best preserved coastlines of Guadeloupe. Behind this magnificent islet you can find one of the best dive spots for coral reef diving. One of the best places to rent while on vacation in Gosier is the Villa Chez Ade which is a very trendy place and is well suited for anyone looking for a very intense vacation experience.  

Point A Pitre

This historical city is the major cultural and label and called The City Of Art And History. The city is made up of The Victory Place with it’s harbor and old shipping port, it’s church Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, it’s courthouse, and it’s old police station. Within these architectural structures there is a lot of history between the English and the French fighting for the island of Guadeloupe back in the 17th and 18th century. Victory Place was once an area where the french guillotine was placed during the French revolution. Today you can find all kind of boutiques and shops full of beautiful royal palm trees and flamboyant trees that illuminate the place. The city is full of colonial museums like the museum Schoelcher or the Museum Saint John Perse.

Saint Francois

The Point Of The Chateau is a magical place with it’s beautiful, gigantic christian cross on the extreme end of the island overlooking the half circle bay on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other. There are old american Indian villages scattered all over this area and facing the island of the Desiraide proving that these Native American people navigated through these difficult waters long ago. There are so many trails to choose from in this are that are marked but not all. Enjoy a wonderful time hiking and going through the hills and woods. Check out the 4 star Villa Blue Lagoon that’s located only feet away from the one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. 

Saint Anne

The most beautiful beaches of fine white sand with shallow crystal clear turquoise waters that are an ideal spot for young children to swim and play in. You can find the local market along the main road that is just parallel to the coast line and it’s souvenir shops full of traditional artifacts like art, alcohol, and unique decorative items. A real treasure for the island explorer. If your looking for an amazingly beautiful villa to vacation in while in Saint Anne I would recommend the Villa Coccoloba which is one of the nicest in the area. 

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