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5 Cities Of North Grand Terre

5 Cities Of North Grand Terre
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The northern part of the grand terre is made up of 5 cities and a lot of open space. There are a lot of cultural and historical places to visit and discover in this area. We will discover the importance and wonderful things to see in these beautiful cities. 

Anse Bertrand

The Port d’Enfer is a magical place situated in the northern most point of the island of Guadeloupe facing towards the open ocean. This environment is very special with it’s very high cliffs and very steady and strong breeze that blows the sand on the amazing white sand beaches. You can find lots of different hike trails that range from all levels from starters to expert and with different distances as well. 

Port Louis

The beach of the Souffleur is probably one of the best kept secrets of Guadeloupe in terms of  beautiful beaches with blond yellow sand and a transparent blue turquoise warm water that gives you a breathtaking view overlooking Basse Terre and the big marine cul de sac. You can also find great hiking trails and mangrove kayak trails too. A real hikers delight.

The Moule

One of the most iconic and well know places in this city is the Edgar-Clerc Museum of American Indian archaeology where you can find a vast and important collection of original artifacts dating back from the pre-columbian times up to the 19th century. This museum is surrounded by a medicinal garden full of medical plants that the Native Americans used to use in this region. This is also a great city to relax and spend some quality time. Don’t hesitate to check out the Villa Terrathely if your in town and looking for a great place to stay. 

Petit Canal

The old slave market and the old prison constitutes a sacred place full of history and memory. 49 steps in stone in front of the church is what is left of the place where slaves were sold as they came and walked off the boat. On those steps you can find the names of the ethnic tribes that were kidnapped and deported from Africa and sold in the Caribbean and the Americas. There are only walls that are left standing from the old prison as a reminder from this terrible past. 

Morne A l’Eau

You can find the canal of Rotours while leaving the city of Morne A l’Eau on your way to Petit Canal. This canal of about 6 kilometers was built in the 19th century 1826-1830 by slaves to enable the drainage of the fields towards the sea. This was a determining factor in building the downtown of the city to what it is today.This canal is navigable by small kayak or canoe until you reach the Marine Grand Cul De Sac.

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